Hydronic comfort controls

Hydronic Comfort Controls

Our wide variety of hydronic comfort control products help to accurately control hydronic systems, leading to increased system efficiency, occupant comfort, and maximized energy savings. The line includes valves, actuators, sensors, and controllers for a wide variety of hydronic applications. Products for various applications including mixing and diverting, injection mixing, boiler return protection, snow melting, balancing and more.

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Sustainable Buildings - Small solutions with a big impact

See how Danfoss TRVs are contributing to Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable Buildings - Small solutions with a big impact

Buildings account for almost one-third of all CO2 emissions worldwide.

President and CEO of Danfoss, Kim Fausing, explains how sustainable building technology from Danfoss can help to save a significant amount of energy and CO2.

Our Products

  • Thermostatic radiator valves
    Thermostatic radiator valves

    Robustly built and designed to meet the rigors of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, a comprehensive range of Danfoss RA2000 thermostatic radiator valves is available for hot water, one-pipe steam, and two-pipe low pressure steam systems.

  • RA2000 radiator operators
    Radiator operators

    Danfoss RA2000 radiator operators maintain constant desired room temperatures, individually room by room and help to reduce energy consumption.

  • Electric thermostats
    Electric thermostats

    Energy efficient heating requires close control of both time and temperature. Thermostats limit fuel consumption and enhance comfort by controlling the temperatures of air within the heating system.

  • zone valve packs
    Zone valve packs

    Electronic zone valve packs are electrically activated valve controls that include both the actuator and valve body in one convenient package.

  • Rotary valves
    Rotary valves

    ESBE Rotary valves are designed for regulation of flow temperatures in hydronic heating or chilled systems.

News: The valve that started it all turns 75

News - The valve that started it all turns 75

The iconic Danfoss thermostatic radiator valve or trv celebrates 75 years of innovation.

Our Solutions

  • hotels

    The hotel industry is a highly competitive industry that needs to consistently maintain guest comfort, to uphold the hotels' reputation. Saving energy is a key focus and Danfoss offers comfort increasing HVAC solutions which help to vastly reduce energy consumption.

  • Offices

    The ways office buildings are used is changing fast. Trends such as smart offices, digitalization and flexible work stations require adaptations in the technical aspects as well. Optimal indoor comfort for workers is essential. Danfoss offers comfort-increasing and energy-saving HVAC solutions.

  • Single family houses

    Heating accounts for most of the energy used in single family houses. Most existing houses have the potential to realize significant energy savings, by improving the heating system and optimizing control of your hvac system operations.

  • Multi-family buildings
    Multi-family buildings

    Modern heating technology gives property owners, managers, and co-op owners numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in their buildings. Whether planning a new build, renovation or retro-fitting an old one Danfoss has you covered.


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Case Studies

  • Engineering Tomorrow lowers apartments’ heating cost to less than $50 annually

    In recent years, average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood has skyrocketed to more than $3,000 a month, excluding utilities. That’s why New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC) came together to develop Knickerbocker Commons.

  • interchurch center in new york city
    Engineering Tomorrow Provides Year-Round Comfort for Offices in New York City

    The Interchurch Center, located in New York City’s Upper West Side, serves as headquarters for a number of nonprofit organizations.

    “Between the induction units and the windows, my water temperature was reduced by 10 degrees in the heating season. That’s a significant change, and definitely one that is saving us money.”

    Discover how the Danfoss hydronic heating solution provided a comfortable, efficient & affordable induction system upgrade.

  • NYC Apartment building solves overheating issue with thermostatic radiator valves
    NYC Apartment building solves overheating issue with thermostatic radiator valves

    The city of New York, undertakes an impressive effort to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen its economy, combat climate change and enhance the quality of life for all New Yorkers. 

    Results of study show potential annual energy savings of ~$100 million if TRVs were installed in every NYC multifamily building.