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VMT is a 2-way seated valve, used primarily for heating systems. The valve can be combined with any of the following thermostatic elements:

  • RAVK
  • ABV
  • TWA-V
  • RA2000 wall mount operators


Design: Straight Union


  • RAVK
  • ABV
  • TWA-V*
  • RA2000 Wall Mount Operators*
    *065F0102 or 065F0104 only
Code No. Connection Size Connection Type Cv
065F0102 ½" Solder 1.8
065F0104 ¾" Solder 2.7
065F8960 ½" Solder 3.3
065F8961 ¾" Solder 5.9
065F1242 1" NPT (M) 9.4




Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog Hydronic Specialties Catalog English Multiple 21 Mar, 2017 2.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet VMT Valve Datasheet English Multiple 05 May, 2020 521.1 KB .pdf

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