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The view of a small city, looking up from the street representing commercial buildings solutions by Danfoss

Commercial buildings need to maintain a precise balance between dynamic growth and sustainable management. Whether it’s hotels, offices, supermarkets or other public spaces, building technology must adapt to market needs, regulations, and certificates. There are also users and investors to consider. You can save considerable energy, reduce emissions, and lower costs with Danfoss products and solutions for heating and cooling systems, building management systems (BMS), and elevator or escalator transport. You can get help to meet your design and manufacturing objectives by drawing upon us for expert advice, either for specific applications or holistic solutions for your building project.


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    Data centers

    Danfoss solutions help the full range of data centers reach high power usage effectiveness and energy reuse factor, while supporting reliably high uptime. Our offerings include solutions for cooling, fire safety, power distribution, and heat reuse and recovery. 

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    The hotel industry is a highly competitive industry that needs to consistently maintain guest comfort, to uphold the hotels' reputation. Saving energy is a key focus and Danfoss offers comfort increasing HVAC solutions which help to vastly reduce energy consumption.

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    The ways office buildings are used is changing fast. Trends such as smart offices, digitalization and flexible work stations require adaptations in the technical aspects as well. Optimal indoor comfort for workers is essential. Danfoss offers comfort-increasing and energy-saving HVAC solutions.

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    Solutions for electric distributors & wholesalers

    Danfoss offers a wide variety of electric heating products, that are in-stock, easy to install, and take the guesswork out of product selection. LX Kits combine everything needed to warm new or renovated floors (mat, thermostat, and continuity alarm), in one convenient package. Learn more about this and other products below...

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    Solutions for hydronic distributors & wholesalers

    Danfoss offers a wide variety of hydronic heating comfort control products, that are in-stock, and easy to install with our snap-on mechanisms. Learn more about our solutions below...

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    Supermarket refrigeration

    Components designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system.