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Optimal indoor comfort in your office or commercial building

Every person working in an office building should be provided with optimal indoor comfort. The more comfortable a person is, the higher their productivity and the lower the sick leave percentage. At the same time, it is also important to keep costs under control. With an average of 50% share in the energy costs, HVAC systems are required to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible operation costs. 

Danfoss HVAC solutions can help you. We offer an extended range of products and solutions for the production, distribution, hydronic balancing and temperature control of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.

With years of experience in assisting building investors, consulting engineers, facility managers and technical staff, we have proven that reliability, energy efficiency and cost savings can be achieved at the same time.

Danfoss’ HVAC solutions for offices can be used in renovation or new-build projects, are easy to install and can achieve significant savings on the energy bill.

How we can help you

Indoor comfort with accurate temperature control

Increased employee production due to work environment satisfaction

Reliable water supply for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance

Reduced total cost of ownership

One manufacturing partner for all HVAC systems

Energy-efficient and sustainable solutions

Innovative products enabling smart IoT solutions and data collection

Perfect control of HVAC system at Katowice Business Centre

This video shows a case story on how the HVAC system of Katowice Business Centre in Poland has been optimized by replacing traditional on/off actuators with new NovoCon® digital actuators. 

Related products

  • AB-QM pressure independent control valve
    AB-QM™ Pressure-Independent Control Valves (PICVs)

    Achieve simple, affordable comfort with easy, energy saving AB-QM™. AB-QM™ pressure independent control valves (PICVs) help optimize HVAC heating and cooling systems in a variety of applications.

  • Rotary valves
    Rotary valves

    ESBE Rotary valves are designed for regulation of flow temperatures in hydronic heating or chilled systems.

  • Actuators for rotary valves
    Actuators for rotary valves

    Motorized rotary actuators specific to ESBE rotary valves that operate on a variety of input signals.

Case studies

  • District energy as the heating and cooling solution in Teknopark Istanbul, Turkey

    Building: Office
    Application: Production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water
    Challenge: Design and construct customized district energy solutions for all buildings on the park
    Solution: Danfoss  designed and constructed 3 pre-assembled DSE substations containing control valves for the heating, cooling and domestic hot water, heat meters, self-acting controllers and electronic controllers connected to a central Building Management System. 

  • District heating compact stations in Mikado House, Orestaden, Denmark
    District heating compact stations in Mikado House, Orestaden, Denmark

    Building: Office
    Application: Production of heating and domestic hot water
    Challenge: Design and construct a customized compact district heating station
    Solution: Danfoss designed and constructed a pre-assembled station according needs and helped save 14 days of construction work

  • Buchanan Forest Bureau
    Engineering Tomorrow Builds Sustainable Heating System for Pennsylvania Forest Bureau

    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources conscientiously chooses low-energy, high-comfort solutions to heat the new Resource Management Center in Pennsylvania’s Buchanan State Forest district. Discover how Danfoss ESBE valves and actuators efficiently controlled the hydronic heating system.

  • sidewalk cleared of snow next to an ice rink
    Engineering Tomorrow makes winter safer for city of Buffalo

    According to the National Weather Service, a series of lake effect events and clipper-type systems dumped 112 inches of snow on Buffalo, New York, in the winter of 2014-15. In an area accustomed to harsh winters, this was still unusual—about 18 inches above normal. But even this impressive amount of snow was no match for the Danfoss snow melt system installed at Canalside, the heart of Buffalo’s waterfront revitalization.

  • HVAC control at Katowice business centre, Poland

    Katowice Business Centre is a modern office building where Danfoss hydronic balancing solutions are used; AB-QM™ balancing and control valves in combination with revolutionary NovoCon® actuators.

  • Energy comfort in Prime Tower, Zurich, Switzerland

    The Prime Tower in Zurich is a building of many records. With its 126 meters it is the tallest building in Switzerland with 36 floors and 40,000 square meters accommodating mostly offices. And with its more than 6,000 AB-QM valves it is also one of the biggest heating and cooling installations ever designed and installed by Danfoss.