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A cargo ship full of shipping containers in port for unloading representing marine and offshore solutions by Danfoss

Waterway traffic is increasing and is having an impact on global transportation, the food chain, national defense, and even leisure time. More than 100,000 commercial and 25,000 naval vessels are operating globally. Currently 80% of all cargo passes through harbors, making them the world’s busiest hubs for bulk goods.

Look around a modern ship and you’ll find Danfoss hard at work reducing energy costs and emissions in the engine room and beyond.


On commercial and naval vessels, from cruise liners to cargo vessels to container ships, you can gain significant advantages in safety, speed, logistics, efficiency, as well as by reducing emissions to an absolute minimum. Choose from a wide array of Danfoss marine solutions for fire safety, clean water on-board, close monitoring of all engine functions, and accurate and flexible power conversion control to meet on-board and on-shore process needs.


You can gain the benefit of our extensive experience with ocean-, sea-, lake-, and river-going vessels that carry cargo or passengers, through to vessels that are built and equipped for special work at offshore sites, such as at wind farms or oil rigs.

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  • A look at the machine room in a large marine vessel
    Machine room

    Find more information about which marine approved products and solutions Danfoss Industrial Automation can provide and recommend for marine applications.

  • Marine

    Get an overview of Danfoss marine solutions and applications for optimal efficiency, safety, and total cost of ownership throughout the vessel and the harbor.

  • Offshore


  • A look at reliable pressure and temperature control of main and auxiliary engines Danfoss

    The engine is the heart of the ship. Reliable and efficient engines rely on precise control of pressure and temperature - that is what Danfoss products ensure.

  • A look at the exhaust gas treatment system on the roof of a commercial building
    Exhaust gas treatment

    The environment in exhaust gas systems is extremely harsh, and only the most robust components survive - this is what Danfoss marine products are optimized for.

  • Fire fighters in action representing high-pressure pumps for fire fighting by Danfoss
    Fire fighting

    Danfoss offers high-pressure pumps and valves for fire fighting, fire suppression and fire protection, designed for more efficient fire extinguishing.

  • A large fishing vessel tied up at the dock in a small fishing town

    Danfoss industrial refrigeration has all the refrigeration solutions, experience and know - how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global fish handling industry.

  • Boiler room of a marine vessel representing fuel, oil and water treatment solutions by Danfoss
    Fuel, oil and water treatment

    Safe operation on board the vessel requires vital support systems, e.g. cooling water and fuel oil. Danfoss marine products can support all of these functions.

  • A closer up look at the propulsion system at the bottom of marine vessels
    Propulsion system

    Convert the power from the marine engine to cut down energy consumption with dedicated and marine approved pressure and temperature controls from Danfoss.