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Lower emissions, fuel and other operational costs

When talking about marine, a whole ship comes to mind. A ship includes most of the applications found on shore just concentrated on a limited space. The applications span from sewage water to treatment of the exhaust gas.
Although Danfoss has products suited for many of these applications, we are concentrating on the equipment placed in and around the engine room and propulsion system.

Equipment areas of interest in connection with the marine segment are:

  • Off-shore:Durable components for harsh operational conditions and increased safety for personnel and marine environments.
  • Power plants: Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. Helping achieve better fuel economy, smarter service and increased safety.
  • Auxiliary systems: Components ready for alternative fuels and improved safety from first-class automation components
  • Engines and propulsion systems: Reduced CO2, NOx and SOx emissions as well as smarter service and increased marine safety.

Our pressure transmitters and temperature sensors are playing a significant role for manufacturers of marine diesel or gas combustion engines in order to be ready for the world’s demands of tomorrow.

Thanks to close cooperation with leading engine manufacturers, our pressure and temperature controls are suitable for the different eco-friendly engine solutions. On board many of today’s container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers and cruise ships, Danfoss sensors monitor pressure and temperature in a variety of engine applications. This enables ships to lower their emissions as well as fuel and other operational costs.


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Related applications

  • Drives for marine propulsion and thrusters

    For more efficient operation and greater freedom in ship design, consider an electric-based main propulsion with engineering from Danfoss.

  • A look at reliable pressure and temperature control of main and auxiliary engines Danfoss

    The engine is the heart of the ship. Reliable and efficient engines rely on precise control of pressure and temperature - that is what Danfoss products ensure.

  • A look at the exhaust gas treatment system on the roof of a commercial building
    Exhaust gas treatment

    The environment in exhaust gas systems is extremely harsh, and only the most robust components survive - this is what Danfoss marine products are optimized for.

  • Boiler room of a marine vessel representing fuel, oil and water treatment solutions by Danfoss
    Fuel, oil and water treatment

    Safe operation on board the vessel requires vital support systems, e.g. cooling water and fuel oil. Danfoss marine products can support all of these functions.

  • A closer up look at the propulsion system at the bottom of marine vessels
    Propulsion system

    Convert the power from the marine engine to cut down energy consumption with dedicated and marine approved pressure and temperature controls from Danfoss.

  • The pump system inside marina vessels
    Pump systems

    Dedicated marine approved products for optimized pumps systems on marine vessels. Essential elements to ensure optimized safety systems on-board the vessels.

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