Exhaust gas treatment

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Exhaust gas treatment systems that meet all environmental standards

The MARPOL Annex VI convention continues to impose ever stricter limits for emissions of sulphur (SOx) and nitrous (NOx) oxides from marine operations. This means that vessel owners rely on Exhaust gas cleaning systems like SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and Scrubbers to comply with the regulation

The environment in exhaust gas systems is extremely harsh, and only the most robust components survive the daily exposure to the acidic gases. Danfoss specializes in pressure and temperature control components for exhaust gas treatment systems optimized for acidic marine environments and offering reliable operation and long service-life. Our components fulfill all the required marine and environmental standards.

Features and benefits

Safe and reliable control of exhaust gas systems

Robust components, optimized to withstand harsh and acidic environments

Expert knowledge of exhaust gas treatment systems

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Explore new horizons with Danfoss marine solutions

Exceed requirements and customer expectations with Danfoss marine products

Infographic on how to protect the engine and control emissions with precise exhaust temperature

Precise exhaust temperature

Constantly monitoring temperature levels in the exhaust gas help ensure high efficiency, high up-time and precise control of emissions.

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