Mobile hydraulics

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Large farming equipment in use in a field

Our engineers are constantly working to help deliver precise and reliable mobile hydraulic control to advanced machines like yours. From propulsion and steering, to work function and power management, Danfoss is committed to helping you improve machine performance and decrease your time to market.

Our solutions give farmers the control and power to optimize harvesters’ work and drive functions in any situation – roads, muddy fields, smooth or rocky terrain, while harvesting a variety of crops. On a construction site, machinery needs to be efficient, maneuverable, precise, and safe. Our system solutions combine our knowledge of pumps and sensors with years of on-site experience, so machine operators are able to customize the driving experience to match their unique needs and the requirements of the job at hand.

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    Autonomous solutions

    Danfoss Plus+1 Autonomy alters the way vehicles move through power and precision. Danfoss’ Autonomous Solution develops new capabilities for your machine. With over 10 year of experience in providing hydraulics, control systems and software to mobile off-highway market, we have grown our strong autonomy solution. The journey to autonomy at Danfoss started with the Danfoss Autonomous Vehicle Integration system (DAVIS).

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    Connectivity solutions

    PLUS+1® Connect combines telematics hardware, software infrastructure, a user-friendly interface and API integration on a single cloud platform to provide one cohesive, connected experience.

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    Digital Displacement® Off-highway

    A new generation of digital hydraulic pumps and motors will deliver productivity and efficiency in customer machines that no competitor can match.

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    Fan drives

    Optimize fan drive solutions with the Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM) and the new Series 45 Fan Drive Control (FDC). The RDM is a breakthrough in technological innovation and engineering.

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    Operator experience

    We are starting to focus on operator experience, helping to increase efficiency, productivity and well-being of the ones operating the mobile machines.

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    PLUS+1® Connect

    Let PLUS+1® Connect meet your day-to-day asset management needs. Danfoss’ cost-effective machine connectivity solution with its intuitive interface, range of plug-and-play devices and a broad array of digital services will ensure new levels of efficiency, productivity, and economy for your fleet.