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Electronic pressure switches for brake lights

Brake lights serve an important function as they warn the driver behind that your vehicle is slowing down. Off-road vehicles driving on public roads must be equipped with a brake light system according to the road rules.

Although many brake light systems are commonly solved by using a mechanical switch, Danfoss recommends using an electronic switch.

Problems with mechanical switches

  • Mechanical switches often leak causing warranty claims 
  • The electrical contacts can burn out resulting in failure 
  • The general accuracy is around +/- 5% 
  • The set point can drift over time 
  • Over and burst pressure limitation due to moving parts

Features and benefits

Electronic pressure switches have 100% welded construction so no leakage possible

No electrical contacts to burn out

Highly accurate – better than 2% typical

No set point drift

Over and burst pressure advantage due to fully welded design

All the advantages from the "world" of transmitters in relation to vibration shock etc.

A more reliable brake system

Less wear outs of the switch due to no mechanical parts

Reduced warranty claims

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