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High speed transportation zooming back a city center representing automotive

By drawing on our forward-thinking hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems, you’ll get the solutions you need to lower emissions during road construction, while operating highly productive and reliable machines. Danfoss power modules in hybrid and electric vehicles improve automotive efficiency and ensure public transport is safe, fast, efficient, and comfortable. For mass transit movement, variable speed motor control ensures optimal reliability and precise escalator and elevator operation. In ventilation systems, fan control keeps passengers comfortable. Fire safety systems extinguish fires and direct smoke away from road and railway passengers in the event of an emergency.

In transport refrigeration systems such as bus and train air conditioning, reefer containers, and truck and trailer refrigeration, Danfoss solutions work with all common refrigerants and address critical parameters such as wide-ranging and fluctuating temperatures, harsh environment, shocks and vibrations, compactness, and lightness.

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