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Windmills on a farm beneath a bright blue sky representing energy and natural resources

A secure and efficient energy supply is fundamental for the independence and environmental sustainability of any society. As cities and nations grow, their need for energy rises, requiring new and more sustainable energy sources. There are massive energy savings to earn by optimizing energy distribution and applying energy efficiency measures.  At the same time, renewable sources such as wind farms and solar PV parks supplement and replace traditional fossil-fuel power plants.


Underground and deep-sea deposits contain fuel sources for the energy sector such as coal, oil, and gas, as well as minerals and metals that are valuable to the manufacturing industries of our shared planet. In each of these industries, you can use Danfoss solutions to improve sustainability and cost-effectiveness whilst reducing capital and operating expenditures.

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  • Mining and metal machinery in action featuring Danfoss products and solutions
    Mining and metals

    Get an overview of Danfoss solutions to optimize performance and reduce costs in mining, minerals and metals operations.

  • A yellow oil rig out in the ocean
    Oil and gas

    Get an overview of optimization opportunities for oil and gas industries, based on innovative solutions and applications from Danfoss.

  • Renewable power electronics solutions

    Improve the viability of renewable energy technologies with customized Danfoss power electronics. You win more reliability and reduce the cost of solar and wind power conversion, which ultimately lowers the cost of electricity.

  • Danfoss offers sensors, transmitters, and switches for wind turbine applications
    Wind turbines

    Information about the range of Danfoss Industrial Automation products recommended for wind turbine applications. Find documentation and technical specifications.


  • Drives for conveyors in mining
    Drives for conveyors in mining

    Flexibility to control the speed of long conveyors can help optimize the complete system, reduce bottlenecks and extend motor lifetime.

  • Drives for cranes in mining and mineral processing
    Drives for cranes in mining and mineral processing

    To optimize crane and hoist performance, Danfoss offers flexible control strategies combined with energy efficiency, operating within stringent safety requirements.

  • Drives for mine ventilation fans
    Drives for mine ventilation fans

    Ensure reliable and economical fan operation both at the surface and underground, with easy integration into Ventilation on Demand (VoD) systems.

  • Drives for pumps in mining and oil
    Drives for pumps in mining

    Pumps perform a myriad of tasks throughout mining operations. By investing in performance optimization with Danfoss drives, you can achieve more efficient pumping, better equipment protection and lower operating costs in a lot of different areas. 

  • A close up look at a gas turbine
    Gas turbines

    The unique Danfoss high-pressure pump design provides advantages for gas turbine applications including NOx reduction, inlet fogging and wet compression. Advantages such as energy efficiency, long service life and compact design.

  • Offshore oil and gas applications
    Offshore oil and gas applications

    Making up nearly 30% of global crude oil production, upstream Offshore Oil and Gas activities are some of the harshest operating environments on the planet. Drilling in waters up to 3,000 meters deep requires equipment that is reliable and safe to maximize operating productivity and prevent unexpected downtime.