Drives for test stands

Keep test stands operating at peak performance for increased uptime

An integral part of testing involves monitoring the condition of your test equipment. Intelligent drives from Danfoss can monitor your system and watch for identified events that could impact performance of your test stand or create unplanned downtime. For example, vibration levels tend to get higher at higher speeds, although this relationship is not linear. Indeed, resonances can occur at certain speeds and then disappear when the speed is increased.

Using machine learning and edge computing to monitor the vibration or load of a variable speed application is complicated by the need of a sensor to monitor the speed and devices to correlate the torque and vibration values with speed. Using drives for condition monitoring (“drive as a sensor” or “drive as a sensor hub”) is an advantageous solution, as the information about application speed is already present in the drive. Additionally, information about the load/motor torque and acceleration is readily available in the drive.

Why Danfoss and Danfoss Drives?

100% focused on AC Drives

Highest level of application competence

Widest Low voltage AC Drives portfolio 

Unique in-house power module technology

Danfoss drives are 100% full load factory tested 

Better harmonic solutions

Smaller footprint and unique back channel cooling

System independent - partnering with Danfoss give you the freedom to choose the motor that best fits your application.

Sensorless motor stator winding monitoring.

By analyzing the motor current signature, the drive can detect motor winding damage at early stage.

This function does not require any external sensors.

The monitoring function triggers an early warning in case the stator winding develops an insulation fault.