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Reliable pressure and temperature control of main and auxiliary engines

The engine is the heart of the ship. Reliable and efficient engines rely on precise control of pressure and temperature in many different processes from bearings to exhaust gas. At the same time, optimum pressure and temperature control prolongs the lifetime of the engine and brings down the operational costs.

For more than 40 years, Danfoss has supplied unrivaled solutions for pressure and temperature control for 2 and 4 stroke engines, for high, medium and slow speed, for diesel, gas or dual-fuel engines. Our solutions handle pressures up to 600 bar and temperatures up to 850°C with all required marine approvals.

Features and benefits

Reliable and safe operation under any conditions

Long service-life of engines

Low operational costs

One-stop-shopping for precise pressure and temperature control for all kinds of engines

All required marine approvals

Smart controls enabling preventive maintenance and high up-time

Products optimized for a wide range of pressure and temperature

Expert knowledge of marine applications

An origami boat using Danfoss marine brochure

Explore new horizons with Danfoss marine solutions

Exceed requirements and customer expectations with Danfoss marine solutions.

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