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Easy to install, 'plug and play' solutions

Danfoss offers a wide variety of electric floor heating products, that are in-stock, easy-to-install, and take the guesswork out of product selection for your customers - making easy sales for you.

Learn more about these products below or contact Heating sales and service center to inquire where to buy.


LX Kits

LX Kits

Danfoss LX Kits include everything you need to heat your new or renovated floors. The LX kits come complete with an LX Mat (choose your dimension and voltage), an LX205T Touch Thermostat, and a Little Buzzer continuity alarm to ensure a smooth & stress-free installation.

The Danfoss LX electric floor warming kits are affordable, efficient & perfect to install when wanting to upgrade the value of your property.

RX Kits

RX Kits

Danfoss RX Kits provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging residential buildings, roofs, and gutters. The RX Kit heating cable is constant watt ensuring maximum energy efficiency, and designed for use with metal or asphalt roofing.

Simply plug the RX kits directly to the power receptacle for excellent moisture, corrosion, and impact protection.

Ice Guard

Ice Guard

The Danfoss Ice Guard (SRIG) heating cable provides an easy plug and play solution for pipe freeze and roof/gutter applications. The heat output of the conductive core material increases and decreases when it is needed as it adjusts the power output to the varying conditions along the length of the pipe. This ensures maximum energy efficiency by producing heat only when and where it is needed.

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The Danfoss Difference

Industry Leading Warranty: Danfoss stands behind our products by offering a genuine 20-year warranty on select products. 

In-stock solutions: Danfoss USA based warehouses allow us to quickly ship product throughout North America.

Easy installation: Many of our products are designed for easy plug-and-play operation, making professional contractor or homeowner installation simple.

Support: Dedicated technical support and unmatched customer service with our partners, is what Danfoss prides itself on.