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Imagine safe data centers with net zero emissions and 99.99% uptime

Data center growth is expected to accelerate making Efficiency in IT energy and heat management a high priority to reduce the climatic impact of digitalization.

Danfoss solutions for cooling, power distribution, energy storage and heat recovery help data centers reach high power usage effectiveness (PUE) and energy reuse factor, while supporting reliably high uptime.

“Strong efforts on energy efficiency and initiatives on demand response and waste heat utilization can help minimize the impacts of large data centers on the grid as well as the environment. Ensuring that data centers are powered with zero-carbon energy sources can help to reduce these impacts further.”

International Energy Agency


Case studies


  • Danfoss Turbocor® compressor type TT
    Turbocor® - TT

    Danfoss Turbocor® model TT oil free compressors are available in four different models ranging from 60 tons to 200 tons / 200 to 700 kW utilizing R134a or non-flammable, low GWP R513A. 

  • Photo of the Danfoss family of filter driers
    Filter driers

    Filter driers in hermetic design are ideal for commercial refrigeration applications requiring high drying capacity to prevent acid formation in the system.

  • Product family of the Danfoss line of micro channel heat exchangers
    Micro channel heat exchangers

    Save time and money with MCHE standard products. The introduction of micro channel heat exchanger condensers, which combine resource and energy efficiency with minimal use of refrigerants, is enabling the development of leaner, greener solutions. Select one of our standard products and you can buy any quantity of condensers, any time, large or small, directly from stock.

  • Product photo of the line of sight glasses by Danfoss
    Sight glasses

    SGP is a series of sight glasses for high pressure applications (Max Working Pressure 52 bar/754 psig). SGP is available in versions optimized for refrigerants with mineral oil e.g. HCFC, and in versions optimized for non-flammable HFC refrigerants. SGP is available with flare, solder and socket connections, and with and without moisture indicators.

  • Product photo of the various ball valves available by Danfoss
    GBC shut-off ball valves

    Manually controlled, bi-directional shut-off valves for refrigeration, available with or without an external access port.