Data center cooling

Data center cooling

Everything you need for carbon-low cooling

A significant part of a data center’s power consumption goes into cooling the IT equipment; in some data centers, more than 50%. With Danfoss, you get unmatched expertise, know-how, and an end-to-end portfolio of advanced technologies for cooling any data center. We can help ensure your data center cooling system meets your sustainability targets.

How energy efficient and reliable cooling help reach your sustainability and uptime goals

Cooling is key to protecting data center equipment. Choosing the optimal cooling solution will depend on the site size, location, and data center design.

Danfoss data center cooling solutions facilitate ideal thermal conditions around server installations. We work with OEMs, contractors, facility engineers, and operators across the globe. Together, we optimize PUE, WUE, and ERE and the capacity of data center equipment, prevent expensive downtime and keep your energy consumption and carbon footprint at a minimum.

Our unmatched portfolio covers technologies for data center cooling sources such as chillers and CRAC units to hydronic piping distribution networks, cooling terminals, air-handling units, roof-top units, fans, pumps, and much more.

Highlighted Danfoss benefits

All-in-one supplier of reliable, high-quality air-and liquid-cooling technologies

Highly experienced data center cooling experts

Energy efficient solutions, optimized for environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants

Reduced applied costs, short payback times and easy service

Data center cooling system

Technologies to build a more sustainable data center cooling system

With Danfoss, you get advanced cooling technologies for both air and liquid cooling systems. As a world-leading supplier of HVAC technology, we offer technologies for everything from air handlers and CRAC units to temperature sensors and humidity controls.

Explore how we aim to design more sustainable cooling systems, from edge up to large hyperscale data centers

Example of high performing floor-mount direct expansion unit

Delivering outstanding efficiency and available in a wide range of configurations to meet all installation requirements.

Glycol micro channel heat exchangers

Glycol micro channel heat exchangers for data center free cooling systems

With the addition of a free cooling cycle, we offer a customizable, innovative solution to deliver highly reliable cooling and reduce energy cost in a more sustainable way.

Cases: Data security comes first, then cooling efficiency

Data centers demand the highest levels of security, reliability, and uptime. Discover how our application expertise and product portfolio of air and liquid cooling technology has been leveraged to cool data centers around the world.

More solutions for data centers

Leverage our unmatched data center portfolio

Data center owners and managers are under increasing pressure to reduce power consumption, all the while uptime and scalability are ever more critical factors. Discover our solutions to support your sustainability journey.

Meet our data center experts

Headshots of Danfoss data center experts Jakob Jul Jensen, Michael Strouboulis, Jesper Therbo, Daniel Wiesenfeller, and Lewis Oxley

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Sustainable data center technology

Sustainable data center solutions

Improve your data centers’ energy efficiency, climate footprint, and uptime. With Danfoss you get unmatched expertise, experience, and end-to-end product portfolio.