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Danfoss Editron is changing the way the world moves with electric and hybrid powertrain systems for heavy-duty and commercial vehicles and machines, on both land and sea.

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Fully-electric and hybrid EDITRON systems:  

  • Lower fuel and energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon dioxide and small particle emissions
  • Freedom of design thanks to lightweight and compact hardware
  • Easy integration into various different machines

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The future is electric. It's in our DNA

The future is electric. It’s in our DNA

With over 50 years’ history and experience, we are leading the electrification revolution. Around the world, our international teams are delivering the technology to enable a carbon-free future.

EDITRON is the world’s most sophisticated electric drivetrain system designed, manufactured and delivered by Danfoss Editron.

Our unique approach delivers maximum efficiencies, reduced size and weight, plus continual improvements for our customers. The sophisticated software behind our system controls and optimizes each individual component of an electric or hybrid drivetrain, leading to more intelligent management of power distribution.

The EDITRON system is comprised of components designed in-house with high IP-classes. In the marine market, it uses synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology on machines up to 6MW, while in off-highway and on-highway industries the power ranges from 30kW to 1000kW.

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Case studies

  • Bringing to life the future of the marine industry
    Bringing to life the future of the marine industry
    E-ferry Ellen is an excellent example of the future for electric transport: cleaner, greener and more efficient. A great Danfoss Editron project which demonstrates the potential for electric ferries to end users and the industry itself.
  • Retrofitting an iconic Finnish ferry
    Retrofitting an iconic Finnish ferry
    For retrofitting the iconic Finnish ferry - Prostvik, Danfoss Editron introduced its new direct current-link solution, consisting of a compact and lightweight diesel-electrical drivetrain. The main benefits of installing a diesel-electric system are significantly reducing the ferry’s environmental footprint, as well as achieving redundancy.
  • Miyun Reservoir electric workboats by Danfoss Editron
    Powering the first emission-free vessels on China’s largest artificial lake
    Danfoss Editron powers emission-free vessel in Bejing on China's largest artificial lake, helping to control water quality of the reservoir.
  • The electric bus in Taipei
    Taipei buses driving the electrical bus revolution
    The city Taipei in Taiwan turned to Danfoss Editron. Asking them to power their first line of all-electric bus line with Editron's drivetrain system. With this system the buses have no emissions and can run over 260km at full capacity and 300km when empty.
  • Fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle
    The future of underground mining vehicles is here
    Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Paus) is a producer of specialist machines and vehicles for the mining and tunneling sectors. Paus has developed a fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle, which is powered by our EDITRON drivetrain system.
  • Finland’s oldest ferry goes all-electric
    Finland’s oldest ferry goes all-electric
    Danfoss Editron supplied a zero-emission electric drivetrain system for Finland's oldest ferry. The Föri ferry replaced the diesel engine with electrical one, recognizing the need for cleaner, more efficient vessel.


  • Fanoe ferries passing each other
    Danfoss powers new electric ferry sailing World Heritage waters
    Wednesday, November 25, 2020
    Powered by Danfoss, the first fully commercial electric ferry in Denmark be will be breaking the waves at the UNESCO World Heritage waters from September 2021. Every year, the new ferry will help bring 1,8 million passengers across the 4 km strait. The future holds big potential to operate shorter routes by electric ferries.
  • Mainline testing begins on the first hydrogen-powered train to run on the UK's mainline
    Mainline testing begins on the first hydrogen-powered train to run on the UK's mainline
    Friday, October 9, 2020
    The HydroFLEX train features a hydrogen power pack, as well as a hydrogen fuel tank, a fuel cell, lithium-ion batteries, electric motors and a Danfoss Editron converter, which connects to the fuel cell to charge the train’s batteries.
  • Thailand’s first fleet of fully-electric passenger ferries to hit the water in 2020
    Thailand’s first fleet of fully-electric passenger ferries to hit the water in 2020
    Thursday, October 1, 2020
    Danfoss Editron is providing the electric drivetrain systems for the Thailand’s first fleet of fully-electric passenger ferries, which are smaller, lighter and more efficient than hydraulic alternatives.

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