Danfoss Editron

Our unique EDITRON system is suitable for hybrid and electric systems. It has been designed from the ground up to ensure maximum efficiency at real-world load speeds. The software-based approach allows for greater intelligent management of power distribution, delivering superior performance in even the most demanding situations. Our platform makes system integration quick and easy including handling monitoring, diagnostics and set-up.

While the system is compact and lightweight, it is engineered for harsh operating conditions in heavy-duty applications. A high tolerance to shocks and vibrations means excellent reliability, while all the components are liquid-cooled, guaranteeing reliability. This is throughout a wide ambient temperature range and broad set of environments. All of this directly results in a significantly longer lifespan than traditional hydraulic machines.

The EDITRON system is comprised of components designed in-house with high IP-classes. In the marine, off-highway and transportation markets it uses synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology on machines up to 1MW. While in the renewables sector the system runs on permanent magnet technology on machines over 1MW.

EDITRON marine system benefits

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2 and small particle emissions
  • Space and weight savings
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less noise
  • Improved passenger experience

EDITRON transportation system benefits

  • Lower fuel/energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 and small particle emissions
  • Space and weight savings
  • Improved handling and drive performance
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less audible noise
  • Lower maintenance costs

Danfoss EDITRON systems now include UQM Technologies, which will be integrated into the product portfolio. In the meanwhile check the products at www.uqm.com

EDITRON off-highway system benefits

  • Lower fuel/energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 and small particle emissions
  • Space and weight savings
  • Improved handling and drive performance
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less audible noise
  • Lower maintenance costs

EDITRON renewables system benefits

  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduced noise, weight and size compared to traditional machinery
  • Reduced CO2 and small particle emissions
  • No gearbox needed
  • Versatile and easily adaptable to customers’ requirements
EDITRON marine system

We work with vessel owners, operators and shipyards to deliver custom hybrid and electric powertrain systems. This is for new and converted marine vessels around the world. In a revolutionary approach for smaller vessels, we offer a DC-grid hybrid propulsion solution. This is highly flexible and easy to manage. Our EDITRON marine system is capable of meeting impressive weight, size and fuel consumption targets.  It has a power range of up to 4000kW. This allows owners and operators to benefit from lower costs and longer lifetimes without compromising on customer experience.

EDITRON off-highway system

Companies, cities and countries around the world continue to set CO2 reduction targets. The demand for electric and hybrid machines grows stronger. Therefore, our diverse product portfolio enables us to be a leading player in the off-highway market. The EDITRON off-highway system provides outstanding efficiency and is designed to operate in harsh environments. Such as those operated in by heavy equipment used in the harbor and mining. As well as, marine oil and gas and construction machine sectors. The power range of the EDITRON off-highway system is 30-1000kW.

EDITRON transportation system

There are many benefits to our EDITRON transportation system, which has a power range of 30-1000kW. Its highly-efficient technology reduces fuel consumption and prolongs operational range, all while emitting zero emissions. Meanwhile, the sophisticated control and monitoring software is capable of running self-diagnosis and constantly monitors. It reports on motor temperature, power situation and remaining mileage. This is greatly reducing the risk of sudden failure and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, it also boosts available low speed torque when accelerating, improving on the performance of traditional combustion engines.

Danfoss EDITRON systems now include UQM Technologies which will be integrated into the product portfolio. In the meanwhile check the products at www.uqm.com

EDITRON renewables system

Our EDITRON renewables system is a perfect choice for hydro power plants. While our current business is focused on the hydro sector, we envisage opportunities arising in many other markets. For instance, isolated grids and energy storage, as well as in tidal and wave energy. With a power range up to 10,000kW, our platform is versatile. As well as, capable of being easily retrofitted into existing powerhouse buildings. It is also reliable due to the lack of gearbox and reduced electronic power components. Our product range covers generators for conventional vertical and horizontal applications. Additionally, for submerged units such as bulb turbines.

Serial hybrid system

Serial hybrid is a system where power is changed from mechanical power to electrical power then back to mechanical power. There where the power is needed. This means there is a generator connected to the ICE (internal combustion engine). The electric motors are connected to the load (wheels, propulsion, hydraulic pump etc.), inverters controlling both generators and motors. In addition, there is energy storage (battery, supercapacitor) connected between the generator and load.

In this kind of system, the ICE can run independently of the load. It can run at constant speed at optimum operation point when power is needed. Then on light load it can be run on idle or even shut down completely. This kind of operation is made possible with the energy storage that buffers the load need from the diesel. Both peak loads and start up power can be fed from the energy storage unit.

The generator that is connected to the ICE can be used also as a motor allowing start/stop functionality.

Features and benefits

ICE can be run in isolation from the load

  • Variable speed operation
  • Start/stop functionality
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced wear
  • Less noise

Full electric operation possible

  • Less noise
  • No emissions

Peak loads can be fed from the energy storage unit

  • Reduced size or increased performance from the ICE
  • High productivity

Energy that is normally wasted can be stored

Better responsiveness, control and reaction times

Parallel hybrid system

In parallel hybrid systems there is one electric machine that acts as either a generator or motor. This depends on the operation point. This machine is connected to the ICE and the load is connected to the ICE/generator pair. The electric machine is connected to energy storage by the inverter. The inverter controls when the energy storage is charged (generator) and discharged (motor).

This energy storage unit can be used to support the ICE. In situations when the load is higher, reducing the load and load peaks handled by the ICE. It then recharges when the ICE load is lower.

Features and benefits
  • Increased total peak power
  • The same or even better performance from a smaller ICE
  • Fuel savings and less emissions
  • ICE can be run at lower speed on low loads
  • Lower noise, lower emissions and fuel consumption

Full electric system

Full electric system consists of energy storage, electric machines running the load (wheels, hydraulic pump, propulsion, etc.) and inverters controlling the electric machine. Energy storage is usually charged from the grid and used to feed the load in question. The inverter is used to control the electric machine running the load.

In full electric systems all the loads are electrically driven. Energy recovery is possible from electrical braking or other deceleration functions.

Features and benefits
  • Emission- free operation
  • Low noise
  • Fast response time
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Better performance

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Case studies

  • The electric bus in Taipei
    Taipei buses driving the electrical bus revolution

    The city Taipai in Taiwan turned to Danfoss Editron. Asking them to power their first line of all-electric bus line with Editron's drivetrain system. With this system the buses have no emissions and can run over 260km at full capacity and 300km when empty.

  • Fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle
    The future of underground mining vehicles is here

    Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Paus) is a producer of specialist machines and vehicles for the mining and tunneling sectors. Paus has developed a fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle, which is powered by our EDITRON drivetrain system.

  • Finland’s oldest ferry goes all-electric
    Finland’s oldest ferry goes all-electric

    Danfoss Editron supplied a zero-emission electric drivetrain system for Finland's oldest ferry. The Föri ferry replaced the diesel engine with electrical one, recognizing the need for cleaner, more efficient vessel.

  • Danfoss electrifying excavators
    Danfoss electrifying excavators

    Transforming diesel-powered excavators into full electric earth moving machines. This is key in meeting the Norwegian government’s new policy on zero emission construction sites.

  • Logset harvester, a Finnish forest machine manufacturer
    Steadfast commitment to sustainable forestry

    Logset, a Finnish forest machine manufacturer, partners with Danfoss Editron to develop the most powerful forest machine in the world without compromising the integrity of the harvested trees.

  • Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan
    Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan

    Replacing diesel with electricity - an efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing ferry emissions.


  • The DM1000 (with a 10-inch display) and the DM1200 (with a 12-inch display) series displays
    Danfoss expands line of modern, durable displays with 10- and 12-inch options
    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    We are adding larger screen options to our new family of displays designed to bring modern features and extreme durability to the mobile off-highway cab experience. The DM1000 (with a 10-inch display) and the DM1200 (with a 12-inch display) series displays join the DM430E series display, adding new high-end features to the DM display line.

  • Danfoss Power Solutions awarded at T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry 2019
    Danfoss Power Solutions awarded at T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry 2019
    Friday, September 20, 2019

    At the Awards Ceremony of the T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry 2019, the Danfoss developed Electrical Controlled Road Roller Solutions and the Segmented Intelligent Flow Sharing System (SIFS) Solutions won the 2019 Annual Parts and Components and Application Awards.  

  • Beijing Miyun water reservoir
    Beijing Miyun water reservoir
    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    Beijing Miyun water reservoir welcomes two emission-free vessels to operate in this artificial lake. These vessels will help testing water quality and engineering processes on the reservoir.