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It’s time to accelerate the green transition

Danfoss Climate Solutions is on a mission to lead the way to a greener future, providing integrated, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions to enable sustainable development in buildings, cold chains, industrial applications, and infrastructure. Backed by our advanced components, systems, and software, we are actively engineering tomorrow’s HVACR technology with a focus on:

Energy-efficient solutions for a sustainable future

As your technology partner in the sustainable transformation, we help you achieve greater energy efficiency with innovative, reliable solutions—so you can do more with less.

World-class expertise anchored in local knowhow

Our engineers and experts around the world have deep application knowledge, insights, and support to share with you—along with frontline knowledge of local and global legislation.

Integrated solutions for optimized HVACR systems

Build smart, connected, and optimized HVACR systems with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. We are driven by future-proof innovation to provide integrated solutions.

Explore our solutions for cooling and heating

News from Danfoss Climate Solutions

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    80 years of energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating innovation
    Monday, June 27, 2022

    DEVI Electric Heating is creating more comfortable indoor environments with floor heating applications in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, infact anywhere where warmth is required. In addition to these indoor solutions, DEVI's electric heating cable technology is also widely used in outdoor applications, ensuring safety in winter period by minimizing the hazards of snow, frost and ice or their consequences.

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    Welcome to the new home of DEVI
    Monday, June 27, 2022

    Welcome to the new home of DEVI
    DEVI and Danfoss electric heating are now in one place. We’re bringing all our DEVI and Danfoss electric heating content together to our Danfoss website.

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    Vineyards frost protection
    Tuesday, May 24, 2022

    Electric Heating solves the challenge with energy efficient systems using Electric Heating cables to protect grapes against frost damage. Vineyard Frost Protection by Danfoss is a sustainable solution for a green and clean future through low energy consumption during the frost period allowing to safe up to 87% of harvest. Vineyard frost protection by Danfoss is an ideal solution for any vineyard dimension.