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Danfoss agrees to acquire Eaton’s hydraulics business 
Danfoss Power Solutions products
Danfoss Power Solutions products
Danfoss Power Solutions is a world-class provider of mobile hydraulic and electrification products and solutions. It’s not just our name. It’s what we do! Providing power to transform the world in an energy-efficient and sustainable way!
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Virtual Exhibition Space

Virtual Exhibition Space

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  • Danfoss Editron joins the National Zero-Emission Truck Coalition
    Danfoss Editron joins the National Zero-Emission Truck Coalition
    Friday, July 24, 2020

    Danfoss Editron has joined the National Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition. The initiative is attempting to create a five-year point-of-sale incentive program totaling over US$2 billion at the federal level that would introduce tens of thousands of zero-emissions trucks into American fleets.

  • Danfoss Editron delivering hybrid propulsion system for new superyacht
    Danfoss Editron delivering hybrid propulsion system for new superyacht
    Thursday, July 16, 2020

    Danfoss Editron has been selected to provide the hybrid drivetrain system for the Bering 145 superyacht, the new flagship model of Bering Yachts’ fleet. It is expected that the transoceanic model, which will feature some of the latest electrification and yachting technology, will be ready for delivery to its owner in 2022.

  • Danfoss Editron obtains marine certification in China
    Danfoss Editron obtains marine certification in China
    Monday, June 22, 2020

    Landmark certification means Danfoss Editron products are now recognized by Chinese marine industry authorities in terms of design and development, technological process, production and manufacturing and product quality.


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    Global UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum, online interactive conference
    24 - 25 September, 2020, Conference, Online interactive conference

    How to balance AI-enabled possibilities with the human factors? This question can be applied to the most of businesses worldwide. User experience design methods in the machinery sector increases its focus on human-centric design whilst shifting towards both reality of autonomous machinery and era of innovational growth. Danfoss Power Solutions will attend as both sponsor and speaker at this event.

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    CECE Congress 2020, digital congress
    8 October, 2020, Conference, Digital congress

    The Committee for European Construction Equipment invites you to connect to the Congress live streaming to get a chance of learning first-hand about the industrial recovery plan, to get a regulatory and economic update and to understand how the unveiling political and economic situation could affect your business. High-level speakers including Danfoss Power Solutions will be presenting case studies as well as the latest market trends.

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    EMAF, Porto, Portugal
    19 - 21 November, 2020, Trade show, Porto, Portugal

    This is an International fair of machines, equipment and services for the industry. It is the largest Portuguese event in the industrial sector is returning to renew its focus on the internationalization of technologies, industry innovation and specialized technical knowledge. Danfoss Power Solutions is represented by our partner Movicontrol.

Case studies

  • A modern cab in look and feel
    A modern cab in look and feel

    ASA-LIFT A/S worked with Danfoss Power Solutions to create a positive Operator Experience. Rather than a complicated cab with outdated technology, ASA-LIFT A/S wanted to provide a more streamlined, ergonomic solution in its new generation of carrot harvesters.

  • Bringing to life the future of the marine industry
    Bringing to life the future of the marine industry

    E-ferry Ellen is an excellent example of the future for electric transport: cleaner, greener and more efficient. A great Danfoss Editron project which demonstrates the potential for electric ferries to end users and the industry itself.

  • Retrofitting an iconic Finnish ferry
    Retrofitting an iconic Finnish ferry

    For retrofitting the iconic Finnish ferry - Prostvik, Danfoss Editron introduced its new direct current-link solution, consisting of a compact and lightweight diesel-electrical drivetrain. The main benefits of installing a diesel-electric system are significantly reducing the ferry’s environmental footprint, as well as achieving redundancy.

  • Miyun Reservoir electric workboats by Danfoss Editron
    Powering the first emission-free vessels on China’s largest artificial lake

    Danfoss Editron powers emission-free vessel in Bejing on China's largest artificial lake, helping to control water quality of the reservoir.

  • The electric bus in Taipei
    Taipei buses driving the electrical bus revolution

    The city Taipei in Taiwan turned to Danfoss Editron. Asking them to power their first line of all-electric bus line with Editron's drivetrain system. With this system the buses have no emissions and can run over 260km at full capacity and 300km when empty.

  • Fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle
    The future of underground mining vehicles is here

    Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Paus) is a producer of specialist machines and vehicles for the mining and tunneling sectors. Paus has developed a fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle, which is powered by our EDITRON drivetrain system.

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