High Pressure Pumps

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps (HPP)

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps (HPP) is a fast-growing division of the Danfoss Group. We are a leading global player within development and manufacturing of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices. Based on Danfoss’ decades of experience with developing pumps for critical applications, our division has pioneered the development of axial piston pump technology to bring all the advantages of positive displacement pumps to high-pressure applications. Our customers benefit from Danfoss’ industry-leading R&D resources and best-in-class quality systems as well as its worldwide manufacturing, distribution and service networks. Building strong partnerships with our customers is of great importance to us, because it is purely by understanding our customers’ needs that we can meet the expectations of tomorrow.

MPE 70

Active ERD for medium and large SWRO plants

Integrating a low-voltage motor with an isobaric energy recovery device, the MPE 70 is the world’s first active ERD. With the introduction of MPE 70, operators now have a new way to lower OPEX, increase production during periods of high demand without ERD redundancy, and ensure more uptime.

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Cases and technical articles


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    IDA World Congress
    9 - 13 October, 2022, Trade shows, International Convention Center, Sydney, Australia

    IDA World Congress 2022 takes place in Sydney 9 to 13 October 2022. The congress will bring together professionals from the global desalination, water reuse, and renewable sectors. Danfoss will present core technologies for SWRO desalination.

    On-demand - Wood webinar: The benefits of using high-pressure water mist for wood applications
    1 November, 2022, Webinars, On-demand webinars, Digital Event

    Join this webinar to build knowledge of where to benefit from using high-pressure water mist. Learn about Danfoss as a supplier of pumps, powerpacks and valves for water mist.

    During this session we will share short introduction to high-pressure water mist and its advantages within wood applications, including introduction to the relevant products and a case story.

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    On-demand - Firefighting webinar: Using high-pressure water mist in high-rise buildings
    1 November, 2022, Webinars, On-demand webinars, Digital Event

    A fire can occur anywhere and anytime. Even if put out quickly, water from the traditional firefighting sprinklers could cause serious property damage. During the webinar our experts will explain which factors to consider and which benefits you will gain by using high-pressure water mist technology from Danfoss in high-rise buildings.