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Residential buildings

Improvements in technology and engineering put new levels of comfort right at your fingertips through intelligent controls and connected products. Danfoss continually develops new solutions that ensure pleasant indoor comfort, environmental sustainability, high energy efficiency, and reduced heating costs, as well as easy installation, servicing, and maintenance. Whether you are building or renovating a new single or multi-family home, there are multiple application options available for smart heating and room temperature control, domestic hot water supply, underfloor heating, energy metering, elevator transport and frost and snow protection.

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New EN ISO 52120 BACS standard for building efficiency

Heating and cooling account for 30-50% of energy consumption in the EU, primarily from fossil fuels. “Active control of energy usage”, provided through building automation and control solutions, is an essential pillar for efficient buildings. Our expertise in the EN ISO 52120 Standard, a key part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, empowers to make a real impact on heating and cooling controls.


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    Domestic hot water

    Danfoss domestic hot water systems provide everything for the production, storage, hydronic balancing, temperature control and temperature logging for drinking water in non-residential and multi-family residential buildings. The systems established are high performing, provide comfort and hygiene and ensure maximum possible protection against Legionella.

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    Drives for compressors in residential buildings

    Variable speed control of a chiller allows you to provide constant pressure regulation while matching the capacity to the actual need based on measurements in the system. Speed control is beneficial when a compressor runs for long periods at partial load. Reduce operational costs by running applications at a lower speed which reduces energy consumption. And reduce installation costs by optimizing the system and the compressor itself.

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    Drives for fans in residential buildings

    With user-friendly interfaces, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption, Danfoss AC drives optimize the performance of fans.

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    Drives for residential elevators and escalators

    AC drives enhance elevator and escalator performance by ensuring reliable operation and high energy efficiency, combined with high comfort levels.

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    Electric floor heating

    Electric underfloor heating for all types of floors

    Electric heating is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly floor heating solution. It is flexible for new build homes and renovations for both wet and dry installation.​

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    Electric heating frost and snow protection system used in application in pavement

    Ice and snow melting systems are used in various applications in parking lots, garages, stairs, pavements, and other ground-level surfaces. They secure personal safety in hazardous winter conditions. Our systems can be installed on roofs, in gutters, pavements, and many more areas in and around the house. There is a wide range of products available such as cables or heating mats, specialized controllers, and mounting accessories. And you can count on us for knowledgeable support and service.