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Heating accounts for most of the energy used in 1- & 2-family houses

Most existing houses have potential to realize significant energy savings, by improving the heating system and optimizing control of heating operations.
When it comes to new builds, it is important that houses, as early as the design phase, are equipped with high-performance heating equipment, which can ensure the lowest possible energy consumption, combined with high levels of comfort for the homeowners.


By using high-performance, recommended Danfoss heating equipment, such as radiator thermostats, hydronic- or electrical floor heating, heat pumps, smart heating solutions, allowing individual room control, homeowners can experience significant energy, emissions, and cost savings, both when it comes to new builds and renovation projects. All homeowners are interested in keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, while maximizing the efficiency of their heating system.

How we can help you

Pleasant indoor comfort

High energy efficiency that reduces heating costs

Easy installation, servicing and maintenance

Being in control of heating in your house

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Related applications

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    Domestic hot water

    Danfoss Domestic Hot Water systems provide everything for the production, storage, hydronic balancing, temperature control and temperature logging for drinking water in non-residential and multi-family house buildings. The systems established are high performing, provide comfort and hygiene and ensure maximum possible protection against legionella.

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    Energy metering

    In buildings with multiple users, energy metering can be used to identify what amount of heating or cooling energy each user has consumed. Danfoss offers a broad range of ultrasonic heat and cool meters, as well as related Automatic Meter Reading solutions.

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    Frost and snow protection

    Danfoss frost and snow protection systems are used in various applications in parking lots, garages, stairs, pavements and other ground-level surfaces. They secure personal safety at hazardous winter conditions. Our systems can be installed on roofs, in gutters, pavements, and many more area's in- and around the house. There is a wide range of products such as cables or heating mats, specialized controllers and mounting accessories. And you can count on us for knowledgeable support and service.

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    Heating and cooling source

    Danfoss can help you reduce costs and maintain a clean, quiet and dependable source of heat for your building. We offer a broad range of products and components related to boilers, heat pumps and chillers. All of these have on/off control and are easy to install and commission.

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    Radiator thermostats and valves

    At Danfoss, we are eager to help professional installers provide the best possible service to their customers. One of the many ways in which we do so, is to offer a market leading warranty on both our manual and electronic radiator thermostats and valves.

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    Room temperature control

    Radiator thermostats and room temperature controller systems compensate for fluctuating heating requirements, keeping the temperature in every room at the level individually set by the resident.

Case stories

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Ally™ Radiator Thermostats - Keskuskoulu Elementary school; } else if (isBigColumns) { Ally™ Radiator Thermostats - Keskuskoulu Elementary school } else { Ally™ Radiator Thermostats - Keskuskoulu Elementary school }
    Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostats ensure comfort and wellbeing for school children

    400 Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostats have been combined with a pioneering new type of broadband heat distribution center for district heating and excess heat recovery. The new system to control the indoor climate is invented by Hermosto Oy and Dimfrost Oy in collaboration with Iotoi Oy, Mawi Automation Oy and the local energy provider Porvoon Energia Oy and will benefit around 500 pupils at the Keskuskoulu School in Porvoo in Finland. As an additional win and because Ally™ has two open interfaces, Ally™ is a playground for system integrators or anyone who needs to tailor-make their Building Management System.

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    Ambiant Group supports the green agenda by integrating 200 intelligent Ally™ Radiator Thermostats in Building Management Solution​

    Equipping 200 radiators with Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostats and integrating them into the Ambiant building management system via the Zigbee standard.

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    Smart heating renovation of a single family home in Ballan-Miré, France.

    Implementing smart heating in a single family house in Ballan-Miré, France.
    The house owners, who are passionate about home automation, wanted to control different environments, including heating, which has a significant role in energy consumption.
    The project consisted of fitting the 13 radiators with Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostats and connecting them to a JEEDOM gateway.

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    Record savings on central heating consumption, in family house, Køge, Denmark

    The family from Køge were on the look-out for ways to cut down on their heating consumption. They opted for modern, electronic thermostats from Danfoss - and they have not regretted their decision. On the contrary, the amount of energy they have saved has far exceeded their expectations, while in addition, the heating system has become much easier to control. Now, they look forward each day to new savings - both financial and in terms of CO2.

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    Danfoss Link™ app in a single-family house, Aarhus, Denmark

    Remote temperature control makes home heating easier and cheaper. The house in the quiet lane is the perfect place for an active couple like Kurt and Elly. And it became even more comfortable after installing the new Danfoss Link™ App. Kurt and Elly gained the freedom to control the temperature inside every room of their home – even while they are away on one of their regular skiing trips.

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    Danfoss Solution behind the SIB ZERO+ House, Sonderborg, Denmark

    The SIB ZERO +House is an excellent example of Danfoss' wide range of professional and energy saving solutions put into practice. Danfoss is also an active and leading figure on a market that is increasingly focused on low energy consumption.