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Heat pumps

Danfoss heat pumps can both heat and cool your home. They provide primary heating and deliver hot water. Our technology ensures optimum indoor comfort, no matter what temperature is outside -20 or +35 Celsius. Danfoss heat pumps could be integrated with various complementary heat sources such as solar, gas and oil systems.

Burner components

For millions of people worldwide, oil burning plays an important role in their everyday lives, their work and their industries.

Each stage of the oil burning process is managed by an important component, securing optimal performance with minimal influence on the environment.

To get the best value out of the process, oil burner manufacturers have for more than 50 years relied on Danfoss Burner components, like pumps, valves, preheaters, nozzles, controls and igniters.

Oil burners are typically installed in single family houses or residential buildings, where they generate heat for radiators and hot water systems.

Oil is an excellent medium when you need a heating system that can stand alone.

District heating

District heating is an environmentally friendly source of energy. It does not emit exhaust fumes or pollutants at the point of use. It doesn’t require a gas tank, oil tank, boiler or heater. All it needs is a substation. This separates the supply network and the building installation and efficiently transmits the district heating.

Related products

  • Oil nozzles- Danfoss
    Oil nozzles

    Danfoss offers an extensive oil nozzle program in both brass and steel for standard burner systems. We provide series of special nozzles which are adapted to operating area, media and emission to suit different markets.

  • Oil pumps- Danfoss
    Oil pumps

    Danfoss Oil Burner Components offer a complete range of oil pumps for domestic and commercial applications. With the new Diamond series you get the strongest ever service pump equipped with Diamond-Like Carbon technology inside.

  • Danfoss red cartridge oil filters
    Cartridge filters

    The genuine red Danfoss cartridge oil filter is branded with our logo so you can be sure of its original quality, its made from carefully selected and tested materials. It will keep shape, stay in place and are easily replaced in only 45 seconds - without any spill of oil.

  • Ignition units- Danfoss
    Ignition units

    Instant ignition for clean combustion. The EBI4 ignition unit ensures fast oil burner ignition and high performance as 80% of all energy converts into high voltage.

  •  Substations- Danfoss

    Substations are house heating systems or units in apartments that handle heat transfer from district heating pipes into your home to get hot water and heat on demand.