Refrigeration and air conditioning

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Refrigeration and air conditioning

Climate change regulations, new demands for energy efficiency, higher comfort level expectations, cold chain reliability, and pressure to reduce overall cost of ownership are driving the current developments and installations in a competitive marketplace. Through Danfoss, HVAC-R professionals including OEMs, installers, wholesalers, owners, and end users have access to the widest portfolio of user-friendly solutions available on the market. Our solutions fit a broad variety of applications and enable temperature-controlled environments with near-zero downtime. Smart functions automatically warn of potential failures and ensure that routine service calls take place on time. Our innovative and popular technologies include Turbocor® compressors, Scrolls with IDVs, Optyma™ condensing units, Micro Channel and Micro Plate Heat Exchangers, ETS Colibri® Expansion Valves, TU/T2 valves, and EVR solenoid valves.

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