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At Danfoss, we are engineering solutions that allows the world to use resources in smarter ways. Driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow.

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Explore job opportunities
Explore job opportunities
Experienced professionals
At Danfoss, we take your personal and professional development very seriously. We make an ongoing effort to build and develop your qualifications through on-the-job training, courses, workshops, feedback, coaching and other activities
Students and graduates at Danfoss
Students and graduates
At Danfoss we believe it is better to fail while striving for excellence than succeed at being mediocre. Kick start your career and gain your first work experience at Danfoss. We offer various opportunities for students and graduates to learn from some of the world’s top engineers.
Deep dive into our sustainability achievements and ambitions

Deep dive into our sustainability achievements and ambitions

Sustainability in review takes you through our 2018 key activities to future-proof our business and our planet. We highlight our achievements within energy productivity and climate targets, our approach to safety, our work with the Sustainable Development Goals and much more.

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Nordhavn - intelligent use of energy
New report: District energy can decarbonize the EU heating and cooling sector
A new report from Aalborg University, Denmark shows how the EU can decarbonize its heating and cooling sector by 2050 by combining district heating systems with energy-efficiency optimization.
A collaborative approach to innovation nets Haglund a 34% efficiency increase
When Haglund wanted to push the energy rating of their commercial refrigerator up to “A”, they reached out to Danfoss engineering experts, at our Application Development Center.
E-Ferry Ellen from above
Emissions Gap Report is a call to action and the solutions exist
UN report states that we must cut global emissions by 7.6 percent every year for next decade to meet 1.5°C Paris target. The good news is that the solutions already exist and can be adopted immediately.

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