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Introducing Danfoss Sensing Solutions—your partner in navigating the digital sensor frontier.

Danfoss Sensing Solutions, formerly Danfoss Industrial Automation, offers an extensive portfolio of advanced sensor technologies and application expertise. Our goal is to help the industries and people we serve to embrace a digital-focused future with industry-leading know-how, world-class support, and sensors that enable a connected and sustainable future.

Since 1933, Danfoss has engineered solutions that allow the world to use resources in smarter ways—driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow. Danfoss produces more than 250,000 products in 70 factories across 25 countries every day, developing and refining solutions in response to our customers’ needs. Danfoss Sensing Solutions represents the union of application-driven sensor technologies and our commitment to helping you navigate your journey into the digital frontier.

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The future of sensing is here

Digitalization journey: Bert Labots, Vice President of Danfoss Sensing Solutions, explains how we take your digitalization journey personally.
Bert Labots, Vice President of Danfoss Sensing Solutions
Machine Learning and AI
Anne Musaeus, Senior Director of Strategy and Marketing at Danfoss Sensing Solutions explains how actionable insights derived from smart sensor data help you keep pace with industrial innovation.
Sensor Fusion
Serge Groenhuijzen, Head of R&D at Danfoss Sensing Solutions, unpacks how combining various sensor or application data derived from different sources under one umbrella—helps us make smarter, more accurate, and more reliable control solutions for many applications.

Enhancing Industry 4.0 with Danfoss Sensing Solutions

Keeping pace with the Industry 4.0 evolution means preparing for tomorrow’s innovation—today. In our latest article, Bert Labots, Vice President at Danfoss Sensing Solutions, explains how collecting relevant data with smart sensor technology plays an important role in connected, sustainable, and future-proof solutions.

DST P10B CANopen

Meet the DST P10B #CANopen pressure transmitter featuring an embedded communication module.

This means you can access new sensor data and optimize application performance.


Danfoss new sensor program enables new software and programmable features which allows us to adapt fast and easy to your application needs. See Dennis Carstensen explaining these features.

Smart Sensors

Danfoss Smart Sensors™

Think of sensors as the eyes and ears of your application control loops and monitoring systems. Embracing digitalization requires smart sensors that leverage control and condition data to help you increase efficiency – and make your solutions more intelligent. 

Accuracy is everything

Accuracy is everything

A brief introduction to Total Error Band by Max Luig, introducing the comprehensive method Danfoss uses to determine Total Error Band and explains its benefits and demonstrates how TEB works.