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Discover the smart sensor solutions leading you into the #DigitalSensorAge

Embrace the digital-focused future with our comprehensive portfolio of advanced smart sensor technologies for monitoring and controlling position, pressure, and temperature.

Our mission is to actively develop and expand our offering with new intelligent sensor technologies that satisfy the demands of today’s applications – and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

The Danfoss Smart Sensors™ platform makes customization, programmability, and scalability possible. Across applications, the sensor’s self-diagnostic features improve safety, maximize efficiency, and reduce downtime.

DST P10B CANopen

Meet the DST P10B #CANopen pressure transmitter featuring an embedded communication module.

This means you can access new sensor data and optimize application performance.

The future of sensing is here

Digitalization journey: Bert Labots, Vice President of Danfoss Sensing Solutions, explains how we take your digitalization journey personally.
Machine Learning and AI
Anne Musaeus, Senior Director of Strategy and Marketing at Danfoss Sensing Solutions explains how actionable insights derived from smart sensor data help you keep pace with industrial innovation.
Sensor Fusion
Serge Groenhuijzen, Head of R&D at Danfoss Sensing Solutions, unpacks how combining various sensor or application data derived from different sources under one umbrella—helps us make smarter, more accurate, and more reliable control solutions for many applications.
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Smart Sensor solutions of tomorrow

Global industries are in the midst of a major shift from analog systems to digital industrial processes—a shift where data acquisition and smart sensors play an increasingly important role. Smart sensors empower businesses to achieve ambitious optimization goals—and we’re committed to helping you draw the lines of command between efficiency and safety. And between today and the solutions of tomorrow.

Enhancing Industry 4.0 with Danfoss Sensing Solutions

Keeping pace with the Industry 4.0 evolution means preparing for tomorrow’s innovation—today. In our latest article, Bert Labots, Vice President at Danfoss Sensing Solutions, explains how collecting relevant data with smart sensor technology plays an important role in connected, sustainable, and future-proof solutions.


Related products

  • if (isSmallPicture) { DST P100 pressure transmitter; } else if (isBigColumns) { DST P100 pressure transmitter } else { DST P100 pressure transmitter }
    DST P100 smart sensor pressure transmitter for Industrial engine and mobile hydraulic applications

    The DST P100 pressure transmitter is designed to provide unrivaled reliability, durability, performance, and not least, digital possibilities in the industrial engine and mobile hydraulic markets.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { DST P300; } else if (isBigColumns) { DST P300 } else { DST P300 }
    DST P300 Smart Sensor pressure transmitter for Water pumps and Air compressor industrial applications

    The DST P300 pressure transmitter is a flexible smart sensor for harsh water, air, and industrial applications. Discover reliable, scalable performance now. It comes with a wide range of pressure ports and connections.

Intelligent solutions for the future

Think of sensors as the eyes and ears of your application control loops and monitoring systems. Embracing digitalization requires smart sensors that leverage control and condition data to help you increase efficiency – and make your solutions more intelligent. 

Watch to learn more

How wired digital communication protocols add value and create new possibilities

This white paper addresses how new digital smart sensors are helping to pave the road to optimization by collecting, converting, and processing data. By understanding the different types of application communication systems, it is possible to integrate new smart features on the sensor side.

smart sensors whitepaper

How are smart sensors driving Industry 4.0 forward?

This white paper from Danfoss Sensing Solutions unpacks the drivers behind smart sensor connectivity and Industry 4.0—and how embracing digitalization is a future-proof investment in your business.

Danfoss QDC

Innovative pressure transmitter signal conditioning with Danfoss QDC™ excitation

This white paper address how digitalization and Industry 4.0 impact industrial sensors—unpacks why and how our engineers developed the new Quasi-DC (QDC™) conditioning circuit.

Proven to improve both short- and long-term stability, signal-to-noise ratio, and EMC immunity, QDC™ signal conditioning enables us to develop extremely stable, reliable, and high-quality pressure transmitters