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With Danfoss systems you never need to worry about legionella or insufficient or cold water in the bathrooms. Our domestic hot water solutions include water heaters that can be connected to multiple tanks as well as storage and charge systems, hot water valves that prevent legionella and temperature controllers. When used together, these combine the demand for high performance, comfort, hygiene and resource efficient operation – even during peak loads.

Freshwater systems for decentralized DHW heating are either used alone or integrated into a flat station. They only heat the domestic water when needed. If properly planned, the volume of piping between the freshwater system and the taps in an apartment will be below three liters (when legionella testing is not required).

Production of hot water

Production of hot water is done by one of our water heaters. These can be equipped with one or more storage tanks to provide enough hot water at peak loads. They can also be equipped with a storage charging principle. They meet hygienic, safety and temperature requirements and can be connected to different energy sources. Adding hot water valves and temperature controllers help prevent legionella. All together a high performance, comfortable, hygienic and resource efficient production of DHW is achieved.

Distribution of hot water

The hot water is then distributed to the water tap points. In most cases the size of the building requires a series of risers circulating the hot water. Our Thermal balancing valves ensure the proper hydronic balance that avoids long waiting times. As these control the water temperature they also avoid too hot water causing lime, corrosion and energy inefficiency. Normally these valves are set to a temperature that avoids legionella to grow.

Smart and energy efficient legionella risk reduction

The thermal balancing valves can be equipped with thermostatic or electronic disinfection modules, allowing periodic flushing of the system to kill the legionella bacteria. The electronic temperature registration system monitors all the temperatures and initiates the safe and energy efficient disinfection cycle. It also stores the temperature data for logging purposes. The electronic controller can be easy accessed on mobile devices using Wi-Fi or be integrated into Building Management Systems (BMS) for remote control, monitoring and alarm purposes.

Close to the water tap points, there is sometimes a need to lower the hot water temperature. Our hot water mixing valves ensure the outlet water temperature is safe for consumption.

Healthy Solution​

Self-limiting heating cables provide power only where needed adapting output according to the ambient temperature. It helps to reduce water waste as you can get hot water immediately providing appropriate disinfection to suppress the Legionella bacteria.

How to balance domestic hot water systems?

What are the issues and challenges in domestic hot water systems in non-residential buildings?See why hydronic balancing is important, what type of balancing is the best and how that can solve the issues.

How we can help you

One partner with high DHW expertise

High performance and energy efficiency

Resource efficient operation

Pass Legionella testing

Lowest possible operating costs

MTCV Thermal balancing valves with CCR2+ electronic controller

Establish safe and energy efficient DHW systems and control them remotely on a mobile device.

Related products

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss Thermal balancing valve MTCV; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss Thermal balancing valve MTCV } else { Danfoss Thermal balancing valve MTCV }
    MTCV with CCR2+

    MTCV Thermal balancing valves provide a dynamic, temperature based, balancing solution for drinking water applications. Combined with the CCR2+ a smart and energy-efficient electronic control solution for monitoring and disinfecting DHW systems is established.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Instantaneous water heaters without tank- Danfoss; } else if (isBigColumns) { Instantaneous water heaters without tank- Danfoss } else { Instantaneous water heaters without tank- Danfoss }
    Instantaneous water heaters without tank

    The instantaneous water heaters are suitable for smaller households, as they provide hot water when you need it - you get instant hot water. Compared to storage water heaters they do not generate standby energy losses and can therefore save you money.

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    Self-limiting Cables

    The self-limiting heating cables for indoors are used for maintenance of the hot water supply and other fluids that need to maintain a certain temperature. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output increases or decreases according to the surrounding temperature. It ensures hot water in all taps, providing savings compared to a circulatory hot water system.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Self-acting temperature controllers- Danfoss; } else if (isBigColumns) { Self-acting temperature controllers- Danfoss } else { Self-acting temperature controllers- Danfoss }
    Self-acting temperature controllers

    Thermostatic temperature controllers are used to control the flow temperature in instantaneous/storage domestic hot water and heating systems. In multi-family houses and commercial buildings, they are used for hot water systems and for return temperature limitation in district heating applications.

Case stories

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Pipe tracing in 600 Suzhou apartments China; } else if (isBigColumns) { Pipe tracing in 600 Suzhou apartments China } else { Pipe tracing in 600 Suzhou apartments China }
    Pipe tracing in 600 Suzhou apartments China

    Suzhou city was founded in 500 BC. is nowadays a major city located in the south-eastern Jiangsu Province of East China, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Shanghai. It is a big economic center and local point of trade and commerce, and the second largest city in the province, after its capital Nanjing.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Consumption with SONDEX evaporators; } else if (isBigColumns) { Consumption with SONDEX evaporators } else { Consumption with SONDEX evaporators }
    SONDEX® raises the standard in Brazil

    Since its launch in 2016, the SONDEX® branch of Danfoss Brasil has worked hard to become the leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers for customers across Latin America. In December 2017, the company took giant strides towards fulfilling its high ambitions when it delivered four evaporators to Bioenergética Aroeira for use in the production of sugarcane ethanol – the biggest delivery of its kind ever manufactured in Latin America.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { European Swimming Championships; } else if (isBigColumns) { European Swimming Championships } else { European Swimming Championships }
    Danfoss ensured the right pool temperature at the right time

    In December 2017, the European Swimming Championships took place in the brand-new Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The arena normally hosts major names from the international music scene but for five days of competition, it was transformed into an international swim stadium.

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    Flat stations in apartment building in Hamburg, Germany

    Visitors to Hamburg’s Henriette-Herz-Ring who let their gaze drift upward will discover two shipping containers on the roof of the apartment building. They are the visible result of an innovative planning initiative to replace inefficient gas boilers with Danfoss flat stations. The highlight of this renovation: residents did not have to vacate their apartments.



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