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Self-limiting heating cables

The self-limiting heating cables for indoor are used for temperature maintenance of hot water supply and other fluids that need to maintain a certain temperature. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output of the cable increase or decrease according to the surrounding temperature. EChotwatt ensures hot water in all taps providing savings compared to a circulatory hot water system.

Heating cable reduces water waste as hot water is immediately supplied.​
Protection against the Legionella – system maintains water supply at the required temperature level and provides appropriate disinfection to suppress the Legionella bacteria.​
Lower initial investment of DHW (Domestic Hot Water) system without circulation – appx. 50% less pipes, insulation, valves, and pumps to be installed as no return pipes and insulation are required.​

Space saving – no need for return pipe gives more room in service ducts.

Features and benefits using self-limiting cables

Provide appropriate disinfection to suppress the Legionella bacteria​

Reduce water waste as you can get hot water immediately​

50% less pipes, insulation, valves, and pumps to be installed since no return pipes are required​

Heating cables provide power where needed adapting output according to the ambient temperature

78 years of experience resulting in powerful products built with the highest standards of quality control.

78 years of experience resulting in powerful products built with the highest standards of quality control.


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Case stories

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