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When drives are operation critical

Danfoss AC drives enhance and support the operation and reliability of complex hospital HVAC systems. Regulating air flow, humidity and temperature, smart operation ensures patient and staff comfort and safety – also in the event of fire – while optimizing conditions in operation rooms and wards.

Optimizing energy efficiency, speed control enables tremendous savings, while ensuring stable, optimal thermal conditions for patients, visitors, professionals and equipment.

  • Safeguard patients and staff with healthy indoor air quality
  • Secure uptime with condition-based monitoring
  • Adapt capacity to actual demand
  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid EMC interference in sensitive equipment with state-of-the-art EMC performance

Related products

  • Enhanced VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102
    VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102
    This tough and savvy FC102 drive enhances pump and fan applications in building management systems, and runs outdoors in most climates.
  • VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103
    VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103
    FC103 is dedicated to controlling compressors, pumps and fans for significant energy savings in refrigeration plants.
  • VACON® 100 FLOW
    VACON® 100 FLOW
    Dedicated functionality that improves flow control and saves energy in industrial pump and fan applications.
  • DrivePro® Life Cycle Services
    Every AC drive application is different. DrivePro® Life Cycle Services is a collection of tailor-made products designed around your needs. From optimized spare part packages to condition-monitoring solutions, customize our products to support your business through the different stages of your AC drive’s life cycle.

Related applications

  • Drives for fans
    Drives for fans in commercial buildings
    With user-friendly interfaces, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption, Danfoss AC drives optimize the performance of fans.
  • Drives for pumps in commercial buildings
    Drives for pumps in commercial buildings
    Protect your pump and optimize commercial ventilation and air conditioning performance using AC drives.

Case studies

  • Hospital compressor control ensures optimal temperature and clean air flow
    Danfoss compressor control ensures optimal comfort for hospital patients and staff
    In the University Medical Centre (UMC) Ljubljana air conditioning system, Danfoss drives with integrated filters ensure low harmonic distortion, with maximum THDi of 5%.
  • Reliable, low-energy ventilation for 40 years
    Reliable, low-energy ventilation for 40 years
    VLT® 5 drive has been in constant operation ensuring reliable, hygienic ventilation in an industrial kitchen and paying for itself 15 times over.
  • Annual energy savings of 800,000 kWh for Aarhus Hospital
    Annual energy savings of 800,000 kWh for Aarhus Hospital
    VLT® Drives control the speed of heat pumps and chillers in the new cooling plant to optimize performance and annually save 800,000 kWh of energy.