Pipe tracing in 600 Suzhou apartments, China

Monday, March 28, 2022

Suzhou city was founded in 500 BC. is nowadays a major city located in the south-eastern Jiangsu Province of East China, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Shanghai. It is a big economic center and local point of trade and commerce, and the second largest city in the province, after its capital Nanjing.

The central part of the city is impressive due to its modern skyscrapers, architecture and advanced solutions. Modern living requires buildings to have hot water available whenever and wherever needed – and preferably immediately. The main Domestic Hot Water system was installed in two apartment buildings visually making arch for all the branch pipes indoor to use pipe tracing by self-limiting cables, about 20 meters for each apartment.

The challenge

Enabling hot water for 600 apartments could potentially risk growth of Legionella bacteria

Modern living requires buildings to have hot water available whenever and wherever needed—and preferably immediately. But electric heating systems are needed to achieve this in multistorey houses, as in Suzhou apartments.


The solution

Necessary water temperature achieved with electric heating, will eliminate the risk of Legionella bacteria

The main domestic hot water system was installed in two apartment buildings, making an arch for all the indoor branch pipes to use pipe tracing with self-limiting cables (total length 10,000 m, about 20 m for each apartment).


The result

Self-limiting heating cable for temperature maintenance

Electric heating plays an integral role in the deployment of solutions to meet the present and future challenges of big cities. A healthy solution for any apartment house or a hotel building, it provides appropriate disinfection to suppress the Legionella bacteria. Hot water supply is guaranteed by a self-limiting heating cable used for temperature maintenance.


Project Overview

Application type: Pipe tracing
Project size: 2 apartment buildings, 600 apartments
Total length of cable: 10 000 m
Products installed: EChotwatt 55
Year of implementation: 2016