Danfoss ensured the right pool temperature at the right time

Monday, May 28, 2018

In December 2017, the European Swimming Championships took place in the brand new Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The arena normally hosts major names from the international music scene but for five days of competition, it was transformed into an international swim stadium.

When some of the greatest European athletes compete, the difference between winning a gold medal and disappearing into oblivion lies in the detail: from the athletes’ form on the day to the facilities in the arena.

So, when the Royal Arena was transformed into a swim stadium, nothing could be left to chance – and that is why the Danfoss product brand SONDEX® was required to ensure that the water temperature was kept at a constant 26° Celsius.

However, this was not the original plan. In this case study, we will turn back time and provide an insight into how and why Danfoss was called in by the installer to offer rapid support – and in doing so, how potential disaster was averted.

From Metallica to swimming caps

Since its opening in February 2017, the Royal Arena has hosted numerous international stars like Drake, The Weeknd, and Metallica. But for five days in December 2017, headbanging and bawling was replaced by swimming strokes and caps.

In only 13 days, the arena went through an incredible transformation from concert venue to swimming arena – and was ready to host its first-ever sports event: The European Swimming Championships. However, in the run-up to the event, the installers faced a stumbling block.

SONDEX® Sonder Safe Plates to the rescue

Two weeks prior to the competition, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility – which has more than 1,100 employees and supplies 1.1 million customers, could not approve the heat exchangers delivered for the championships by their original supplier. So, at the eleventh hour, just before the installer drowned in difficulties, they reached out to the Danfoss product brand SONDEX® for support. And the problem was solved.

“Despite the time pressure, we managed to find a solution with SONDEX® Sonder Safe Plates thanks to a great team effort and fast action from the installer Tommy Kjehr, consulting engineer Henrik Holmsgaard, and Carsten Nielsen from HOFOR,” says Hans Dewald-Weidich, Consultant at Sondex, Danfoss.

Facts about the SONDEX® solution

Two SONDEX® S19IG plate heat exchangers with double thin flow plates heated the water in the two temporary pools from 10 - 26° Celsius

District heating water was led through one side of the heat exchanger. The chlorine-containing pool water was directed in countercurrent on the secondary side

Set up and running in less than two weeks

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