Future-proof muscle control for Franna

Thursday, January 11, 2024

All new MAC25 cranes leaving the gates at off-highway vehicle manufacturer Franna’s plant in Queensland, Australia, now have a Danfoss PVG 48 proportional valve under the hood.   

The MAC25 has enough muscle to handle weights of up to 25 tonnes. PVG 48 channels this muscle in the right direction, at the right time – all in the form of hydraulic oil. It turns operator joystick movements into accurate crane lifting, lowering, extending, and turning functions.

The future-proof choice

“The PVG is extremely precise and reliable. It does what you want it to do – repeatedly. It’s the ideal choice for MAC25 and likely to end up in other of our cranes, too – not least in future launches where more advanced electronic controls are key. We wanted a future-proof valve. PVG 48 is it,” says Adam Murchie, Project Engineer, Franna, Australia.

PVG 48 integrates easily with electric actuators, sensors, and digital controls. This opens a range of possibilities. One of them is to automate machine functions, so the crane assists – or takes over from – the operator. Such a function can be an advantage in many situations, not least when instant reaction is required to ensure safety.

Thumbs-up from the cab

With the change to PVG 48, Franna also switched to Danfoss’ counterbalance valves. Together with PVG 48, they ensure smooth and safe activation of the boom when the operator raises or lowers heavy loads.

Quentin Bourke, Product Support Technician at Franna, spent hours inside the MAC25 cab testing the crane with the new Danfoss solution prior to launch:

“Controllability is smooth and even – very refined. The initial tiny bounce on the front tires, which you sometimes see when operators raise or lower the boom, is completely gone. Extension or subtraction of the boom is impressively smooth, too.”

He adds that initial feedback from crane operators using MAC25 with a PVG 48 and Danfoss counterbalancing valves on board is also positive.

Danfoss launched the PVG 48 to the general market in June 2023, with Franna as a key pilot-customer. The valve is now part of Danfoss’ existing range of proportional valves. More information about PVG 48.

Thousands of Franna cranes are in operation around the globe. In Australia, about half of all mobile cranes bear the Franna name. Franna is part of the Terex brand.


How PVG 48 turns oil into muscle

When the operator moves the joystick, the PVG 48 proportional valve activates a pump via a load sensing signal. The signal tells the pump to deliver the right amount of oil, at the right pressure, to the PVG. This happens through hydraulic hoses. Depending on the position and direction of the joystick, the PVG valve directs the oil from the pump to hydraulic cylinders. Inside these cylinders, energy in the pressurized oil is converted into mechanical power or muscle which the crane needs to work.

PVG 48 is the latest member of the PVG load sensing valve family. Because a load sensing valve detects the weight of its load – and adjusts performance accordingly – it never uses more energy than necessary.  Danfoss was the pioneer in introducing load sensing electrohydraulic proportional valves to the market.