Danfoss low voltage portfolio for electrification

Low voltage

Introducing the ePANDA series for low-voltage electrification 

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Danfoss low voltage portfolio for electrification

The new ePANDA series is dedicated to providing system solutions for low-voltage customers to help them unlock the complete benefits of electrification. Our low voltage solutions are designed for a range of hybrid and electric off-highway machines such as scissor lifts, mini wheel-loaders and mini excavators. ePANDA series provides solutions to most common issues faced by OEMs, including optimizing productivity, maintaining cost efficiency and hitting sustainability targets.

Introducing the first product in the ePANDA series

ePowerpack with high-performance interior permanent magnet motor and a high-power, air-cooled converter with a full-feature digital signal processor, the ePowerpack is designed for maximal efficiency and compactness.