Editron off-highway

The EDITRON off-highway system is engineered for harsh operating conditions in heavy-duty applications.

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We are the number one system provider across multiple off-highway applications


The EDITRON drivetrain is a market leading technology when it comes to size and performance, and its efficiency and robustness are critical for the heavy-duty demands of the off-highway industries.

Our main focus areas are the construction and agriculture industry applications, mining machines, harbor and airport equipment as well as the marine, oil and gas applications.

The system is suitable for hybrid and full electric applications within the power range of 30 kW to 1000 kW. 

We are experts in electrification

With companies, cities and countries around the world continuing to set CO2 reduction targets, the demand for electric and hybrid machines grows stronger. Our diverse product portfolio enables us to be a leading player in the off-highway market, with a system that is designed to operate in harsh conditions while providing outstanding efficiency.

We offer a broad product portfolio with a power range of 30kW to 1000kW.

EDITRON is the world’s most sophisticated electric drivetrain system  |  Off-highway brochure

EDITRON Off-highway systems

Danfoss Editron eCalculator

Danfoss Editron eCalculator

Test the new eCalculator tool for designing an electric and hybrid drivetrain. 

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