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Refrigeration, air conditioning, pump, pump control, glycol supply, leak protection, flow compensation

Enhance system performance via pump optimization

In refrigeration and air conditioning applications, you can enhance system performance significantly by optimizing pumping operations. With multiple pump-dedicated control features and intelligent protection capability, Danfoss AC drives optimize production and protect the drive, the motor and the equipment in the system. They also ensure optimized liquid supply in the event of leakage or a broken pipe.

Continuous water or glycol supply can be assured in the event of leakage or a broken pipe. For example, overload is prevented by reducing drive speed and supply is secured at lower flow.

Leak protection

Dry Pump Protection and End of Curve features, which are integrated into Danfoss drives, relate to situations where the pump runs without creating the desired pressure – for example, when a pipe leaks. In this situation, the drive sets off an alarm, shuts off the pump, or performs another pre-programmed action.

You can gain significant energy savings and reduce installation costs thanks to flow compensation in both fan and pump systems. A pressure sensor mounted close to the fan or pump provides a reference enabling pressure to be kept constant at the discharge end of the system. The drive constantly adjusts the pressure reference to follow the system curve.

An operating pump will normally consume more power the faster it runs according to a curve determined by the pump and application design. The No/low flow feature detects situations where the pump is running fast but is not fully loaded. This could indicate that water circulation has stopped, the pump has run dry, or a pipe is leaking. Continuous liquid supply can be assured in the event of leakage or a broken pipe. For example, overload is prevented by reducing drive speed – and supply is secured at lower flow.

Achieve extra energy savings

Automatic Energy Optimization (AEO) provides additional energy savings of up to 5%. This feature matches the input current to the actual motor speed and load, and draws only the amount of power necessary for motor excitation and operation with this load. This avoids additional thermal losses in the motor.

With efficiency ratings up to 99% and a true power factor greater than 0.9, Danfoss AC drives are distinctly better than comparable devices. Losses for chokes and filters are already accounted for in the rating. This reduces not only direct energy costs for the drive itself, but also the costs for refrigeration or the removal of additional heat.

World’s greenest hotel uses 60% less energy

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel optimizes energy efficiency and cost effectiveness with VLT® HVAC Drive.


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    VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500

    The VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 has reached the Limited phase of its lifecycle and is no longer in active production. Danfoss offers an extensive portfolio of low-voltage drives and will help you select the optimal replacement drive for your application.

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