Harmonic mitigation

Optimize harmonic mitigation 

Mitigating harmonic influence while ensuring your system operates as efficiently as possible can be a struggle.

At Danfoss Drives, we’ll help keep your energy gains in the green by delivering a harmonics solution designed for your business — and system.

How can harmonics interfere with your system?

Harmonics are voltages and currents which have frequency components that pollute the pure sinusoidal waveform in an AC circuit, ultimately distorting the main voltage. To further complicate matters, the greater the number of on-site power electronic switching devices you have, the greater the degree of distortion. However many you have, the results are the same: harmonic interference influences reliability, increases costs and affects overall product quality.

And though these issues are widespread, the challenges they present — and the measures needed to solve them — differ from system to system.

What happens when you take no action?

Excessive harmonic distortion of the mains supply implies the source not only carries 50 Hz or 60 Hz components, but those of a higher frequency. These components cannot be utilized by electrical equipment and thus, the effects of harmonic distortion can be severe:

Danfoss Advanced Active Filter AAF 007

Danfoss Advanced Active Filter AAF 007

Mitigate harmonics, correct power factor, and compensate imbalance, all in one product. Offering exceptional high efficiency, AAF 007 suits all Danfoss drives.

Maximize system performance with our harmonic mitigation solutions

How Danfoss Drives can help

Want to learn more about harmonic distortion?

Let our resident expert Gregers Geilager show you the ropes. Watch the interview and discover what Gregers has to say about harmonic interference and how to tackle it in the most energy-efficient way possible — while optimizing your system.

Shine a light on your system’s performance

Use the MyDrive® Harmonics tool to calculate harmonic interference in your system — and design a harmonic mitigation solution fit for your needs. Simply use the power circuit simulator included to perform a simulation of your system so you can pinpoint where changes need to be made. And control harmonics in the most efficient way possible.