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High-accuracy AHU performance

Establishing the most accurate air exhaust temperature from the Air Handling Unit requires the most accurate control of water flows into the heat exchangers for heating or cooling the entry air flow. In most cases a variable flow system is used for this. The best results, in both full- and partial load conditions, can be achieved by using Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICV). They are simply set to the required flow under full load conditions and function as automatic flow limiter. In partial load conditions the actuator accurately reduces the flow according needs. No overflow situation will occur, increasing the energy efficiency of the heat or cooling source.

For an alternative solution with a constant flow system, regular Motorized Control Valves and Manual Balancing valves to determine the maximum flow can be used.

To be able to service the control valves it is recommended to install manual shut-off valves.

Danfoss also offers a range of electrical actuators for dampers. They control the amount of air entering the air handling unit by positioning the dampers in any position between 0-90 degrees angle. These can cover a damper surface of up to 8 m2.

To protect frost sensitive parts of an Air Handling Unit, it is possible to install self-limiting electric heating cables. These increase their heat the output as the environment temperature reduces.


Energy-lean AHU performance

Danfoss AC drives enable you to optimize energy efficiency, never compromising on the safety and comfort of the occupants of your building.  Danfoss solutions help you comply with increasingly stringent efficiency standards while ensuring perfect indoor air quality and safety, by minimizing the spread of airborne infections. Ensure thermal comfort for building guests, staff and residents while simultaneously addressing large energy bills.

Enjoy reliable, economical indoor climate control using AC drives. You get the the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market: adapt capacity to actual demand, reduce operating costs, and reduce wear and tear on your installations.

How we can help you

Complaint free indoor comfort

Energy optimization

Cost savings

Accurate air temperature exhaust


Ease of service, maintenance and repairs

Secure uptime with condition-based monitoring

Install on any platform and type of unit

Enjoy AHU-dedicated features such as pressure transmitter for monitoring air filter pressure and airflow, and remote LCP monitoring

AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valves

Take control on the water flows up to 442,000 liters per hour with Danfoss AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valves.

Related products

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    Manual balancing valves

    Manual balancing valves provide a static, basic balancing solution for many HVAC applications. The valves limit the flow through different parts in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems. Since manual balancing valves can not react to changing conditions, the valves are recommended to be used in constant flow systems.

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    JIP® on/off ball valves for district energy applications

    Danfoss JIP® Ball valves for on/off control in district heating and cooling systems. Reliable and high-quality for a long lifetime and lower TCO. Unique flow design ensures low-pressure drops and savings on pump energy.

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    AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) DN15 - DN250

    AB-QM Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICV) provide both a control functionality and dynamic balancing solution for HVAC heating and cooling systems. PICVs are designed for various types of terminal units, Air Handling Units (AHU), chillers and provide high indoor comfort and energy efficiency in public and commercial buildings.

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    Actuators for PICVs

    To take advantage of the combined balancing and control features of Danfoss AB-QM it has to be equipped with actuators controlled by room thermostats or a Building Management System. Danfoss offers a broad range of actuators varying from thermal on-off to digital step motor actuators with bus communication.

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    VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103

    FC 103 is dedicated to controlling compressors, pumps and fans for significant energy savings in refrigeration plants.