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Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Control of the space temperature at a comfortable level is easily accomplished by adjusting the dial clockwise or counterclockwise.

The dial has a numbered scale of 1 to 5 corresponding to temperatures of approximately 57°F to 79°F (14°C to 26°C).

The operator or sensing element must not be:

  • in a drafty location
  • covered
  • installed above a heat source

The correct orientation direction is dependent upon the selected operator type. See the mounting guide visual below for reference.

correct RA2000 opeartor mounting orientation

There are a couple of reasons for overheating depending upon which system you have:

For One or Two-pipe systems:

  • Ensure operator is not in a cold or drafty spot
  • Check on dial adjustment knob as setting could be set too high
  • Add a vacuum breaker which allows steam supply to cycle properly

For Hot Water systems:

  • Check operator installation as it may not be seated properly

For 'under heating' issues: 

  • Ensure radiator is not blocked by furniture, heavy curtains, etc.
  • Ensure operator is not in a 'hot' spot or wrong sensor location for that product selection.


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