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ESBE Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Keep water temperatures safe in point of source applications with  thermostatic mixing valves.

The three way mixing valves feature anti-scalding technology and are available in a VTA Series Lead Free style or a VTA 570 mixing and diverting style for closed loop applications.

Features & Benefits

Snap-on cover prevents debris as well as unauthorized adjustment or tampering

Compact lightweight design used in domestic & radiant heating applications

Suitable for hot water recirculation

Quiet operation with long lifespan & easy maintenance

Anti-scald & anti-legionella protection

A variety of connections available:
• Threaded body (FNPT)
• Solder Union
• CPVC Union


VTA Series Lead Free

The 3-way ESBE VTA Series thermostatic mixing valves replace Series 20 & 30MR styles of valves and are designed for point of source in domestic hot water distribution systems and/or regulation of supply in hydronic heating systems.

They are available in a range of connection sizes, types, and temperature ranges. See below.

Code No. Connection Size Cv Temperature Range
065B8868LF ¾” 1.9 70° - 110°F
(20° - 45°C)
065B8869LF ¾” 1.9 85° - 120°F
(30° - 49°C)
065B8870LF ¾” 1.9 95° - 140°F
(35° - 60°C)
065B8871LF ¾” 1.9 85° - 160°F
(30° - 70°C)
31622111LF 1" 4.1 85° - 120°F
(29° - 49°C)
31622011LF 1" 4.1 95° - 140°F
(35° - 60°C)

Solder & CPVC Valve Body

Code No. Cv Temperature Range
065B8877LF 1.9 85° - 120°F
(30° - 49°C)
065B8878LF 1.9 95° - 140°F
(35° - 60°C)
1.9 85° - 160°F
(30° - 70°C)

Required Tailpiece Kit

Code No. Size/Description
065B8901 ½" solder tailpieces
065B8892 ¾" solder tailpieces
065B8898 ¾" CPVC
View VTA Lead Free Dimensions


The 3-way ESBE VTA570 can be utilized in a mixing or diverting application for hydronic closed looped systems (not for potable water). Typically, this thermostatic control is used as a non-electric alternative for a 2-pipe changeover diverting application.

VTA570 Valve Body

Code No. Connection Size Cv Temperature Range
31700100 ¾" 5.2 50° - 86°F
(10° - 30°C)
31700200 ¾" 5.2 65° - 105°F
(20° - 43°C)


Required Tailpiece Kit

Code No. Connection Type
065B8892 Union x (¾" F.) solder
View VTA570 Dimensions
View TMV Brochure & Datasheet

View TMV Brochure & Datasheet

Low maintenance, easy-to-install thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) are designed to protect against accidental scalding, & increase amounts of available hot water.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Installation guide ESBE Series 20 Multi-Purpose Thermostatic Mixing Valves Instructions English United States 12 Feb, 2009 198.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet ESBE VTA Series Thermostatic Mixing Valves Datasheet English Multiple 27 Mar, 2020 4.8 MB .pdf
Data sheet ESBE VTA572 Diverting Valve, VDKIP122 English United States 27 Mar, 2013 91.9 KB .pdf

Case studies

See how VTA570 help offices in NYC achieve year round comfort

See how VTA570 help offices in NYC achieve year round comfort

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