Rotary valves

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Product range

  • ESBE VRG Mixing Valves
    ESBE VRG Mixing Valves

    The ESBE VRG series is a range of compact, low leakage brass valves. Available in either a 3-way or 4-way versions suitable in either mixing or diverting applications.

    When assembled with the ARA600 or 90 Series motorized actuator, and wired to a controller, the VRG assembly provides regulating accuracy.

  • ESBE Type F Mixing Valves
    ESBE Type F Mixing Valves

    ESBE Type F valves are flanged valves made of high-performing cast iron and available up to 6" in size and suitable for mixing or diverting applications in heating and cooling systems. Type F valves assemble to the 90 Series or ARC/ARD Series of motorized actuators.