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Danfoss RA2000 valve bodies are available in ½" to 1¼" connection sizes and with FPT, NPT, and solder connections.

RA2000 valves are used with the following systems:

  • One-pipe steam
  • Two-pipe hot water
  • Two-pipe low pressure steam

RA2000 valves must be fitted with a thermostatic radiator operator which is selected based off your room configurations.


Technical data and code numbers


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog Hydronic Specialties Controls Catalog and Application Guide English Multiple 25 Mar, 2022 2.4 MB .pdf
Installation guide Instructions Danfoss Valve Insert for Dunham-Bush SWRF-B ¾” Radiator Valve, 013G8074 English Multiple 18 Apr, 2011 566.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet RA 2000 One-Pipe Steam Valve Datasheet English United States 28 Jun, 2016 516.1 KB .pdf
Installation guide RA2000 2-pipe valve instructions English United States 14 Apr, 2010 251.4 KB .pdf
Installation guide RA2000 Double Solder Two-Pipe Installation English United States 18 Aug, 2016 173.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet RA2000 Thermostatic Radiator Valve and Operator Datasheet English Multiple 29 Jun, 2022 842.6 KB .pdf
Catalog RA2000 Thermostatic Radiator Valve, Electric Zone Valve & Pressure Bypass Valve Catalog English Multiple 22 Jun, 2015 1.3 MB .pdf
Installation guide Thermostatic Radiator Valve and Operator Cross Reference Guide_VQFNA122 English United States 12 Apr, 2010 156.0 KB .pdf

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