Different options to fit various market needs

A Danfoss commercial refrigeration condensing unit is the optimized combination of efficiency, reliability, easy installation and sound performance in application such as milk cooling tanks, cold rooms, fermentation rooms, canteens, restaurants, hospitals.

Built to reduce installation and maintenance costs, their smart design and components save you valuable time and money while making your production even more efficient and with the minimum impact on the neighborhood.

As refrigeration condensing unit suppliers, our condensing unit ranges are designed to fit different market needs with Optyma™ and Optyma™ Slim Pack.

The offer differs from one country to another. See the different options below.

Danfoss Optyma condensing unit brochures

Reliable condensing units for all applications

The Optyma™ range of condensing units is tailored to fit a variety of different applications. Read the brochures to find a solution for your needs.

Product range

  • Optyma™ Plus
    Optyma™ Plus

    Optyma™ Plus is another step forward in energy efficiency, plug and play, low noise and robustness. Designed for more robust weatherproof housing - can be stack mounted.

  • Optyma™ Plus INVERTER - Danfoss
    Optyma™ Plus INVERTER
  • Optyma™ Slim Pack - Danfoss
    Optyma™ Slim Pack

    Optyma™ Slim Pack is the new cost-effective packaged condensing unit with a new condenser technology - Micro Channel Heat Exchanger. Danfoss has developed Optyma™ Slim Pack to meet all customers' needs in MBP and LBP applications.

  • Danfoss Optyma condensing unit
    Optyma™ (bare/indoor units)

    The design concept of the Optyma™ condensing units is optimization, with newly designed single or two fan units, with standard or enlarged condenser (for high ambient conditions). To fulfill customer demand we have developed different versions of the Optyma condensing unit worldwide.

  • Optyma™ high ambient 52 pack - Danfoss
    Optyma™ High Ambient 52 Pack

    Optyma™ High Ambient 52 Pack has been engineered for Saudi Arabian commercial refrigeration needs to ensure reliable and efficient operation at very high outside temperatures up to 52°C and in demanding environments. Made with the contractor and food store owner in mind, it brings benefits and peace of mind for everyone.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Condensing Units with MCHE - LAM - 60 Hz Spanish, Castilian Multiple 02 May, 2019 1.5 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Condensing Units with MCHE - LAM - 60 Hz English Multiple 02 May, 2019 1.4 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Plus - 50 Hz - SI _FINNISH Finnish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 2.1 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Plus - FR- 50 Hz - SI French Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 2.2 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Plus- 50 Hz - SI - SWEDISH Swedish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 2.1 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Plus New Generation - 50 Hz - SI _DANISH Danish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.9 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack - PO- 50 Hz Polish Multiple 02 May, 2019 2.1 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack - RU- 50 Hz Russian Multiple 02 May, 2019 2.1 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units - DA- 50 Hz Danish Multiple 02 May, 2019 2.3 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units - DE- 50 Hz German Multiple 02 May, 2019 2.3 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units - FR- 50 Hz French Multiple 02 May, 2019 2.3 MB .pdf
Catalog Catalogue - Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units - NE- 50 Hz Dutch, Flemish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 6.2 MB .pdf
eLesson Fitters' Notes – Chapter 14 – Condencing Units English Multiple 15 Aug, 2019 1.7 MB .pdf



Coolselector®2: We did complex — you do awesome

Coolselector®2 features unbiased calculations for the selection of refrigeration and air conditioning components based on the user’s requirements or based on standard operating conditions.


Case studies

  • Lower-GWP Enhanced Range of Condensing Units Provides Cooling for Hospital ColdRooms Danfoss
    Lower-GWP enhanced range of condensing units provides cooling for hospital cold rooms

    When a busy hospital needed to relocate its cold room condensing units, consultant Neil Garnett knew it was time to upgrade to F-Gas compliant refrigerants. He chose Optyma™ Plus units, running with R134a and – crucially – R452A.

  • New dispatch area cold room powered by optyma™ plus Danfoss
    Diaper Poultry invests in new dispatch area cold room powered by Optyma™ Plus

    Diaper Poultry are really pleased with the result. Compared to the old refrigeration solution, the new Optyma™ solution is only about a quarter of the size, it works much more quietly and at the same time it is just as efficient as the old system.

  • Crusty bread and capacity modulation danfoss
    Crusty bread and capacity modulation

    The pilot installation of an Optyma™ Plus INVERTER confirms the multiple benefits of capacity modulation in food service, incl. high energy savings and food quality

  • New trends in packaged condensing units
    New trends in packaged condensing units

    Condensing units are an important basic product for commercial refrigeration engineering and in recent years there has been a clear trend towards additional features and add-ons. There has been a marked increase in the number of packaged condensing units currently being used by installers. These units come with additional preinstalled components such as dryers, sight glasses, fan speed controls, weatherproof housings and various electronic parts. So let us ask ourselves what such a packaged condensing units needs to be able to do and which innovations are going to be useful.

  • Optyma Plus™ will be securing food quality in retail stores in Greenland
    Optyma Plus™ will be securing food quality in retail stores in Greenland

    Chosen because of a very short payback time up to 90 units have already been bought and are under installation.

    As KNI A/S analysed their refrigeration installations in their 66 Pilersuisoq stores (shops like 7-eleven) in Greenland calculations showed that a replacement of the different refrigeration units to Optyma Plus™ would be a very good solution in many of the stores. Calculations showed a payback time of approximately 1½ year. In practice the calculations have turned out to be very realistic. For several of the stores the payback time has only been ½ year.

Related documentation

Find documentation on our compressors and condensing units, including brochures, catalogs, data sheets and more.


  • Danfoss Refrigerant Week 2019
    Danfoss Refrigerant Week 2019 will equip installers for refrigerant change
    Friday, July 5, 2019

    Refrigerant Week event will return for the third time between the 16th and 20th September. This year, we're focusing on equipping installers for refrigerant change and presenting the solutions that are ready today.

  • Multi-refrigerant DSH scrolls give OEMs “ultimate flexibility” on low GWP
    Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    Danfoss has qualified its range of DSH scroll compressors for use with R454B and R452B refrigerants, giving OEMs “ultimate flexibility” when offering alternatives to R410A.

  • Coolselector®2
    Coolselector®2: We did complex. You do awesome.
    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Coolselector®2 is essential software for engineers, consultants, and system designers who work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Using Coolselector®2, you can easily optimize energy consumption and increase efficiency in your HVACR system — simply run calculations based on your operating conditions and then choose the best component setup for your design.

Avoid counterfeits

Identify and fight counterfeits of Danfoss products

Watch out for counterfeits to protect your image

Fake products give your business as well as our company a bad name. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to fight the counterfeits. Read more about how to make sure that the product you buy is genuine Danfoss quality.