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Enhancing hydronic heat pump designs for faster heating decarbonization

Let’s build better heat pumps, together!

Let’s build it better

The energy crisis, decarbonization goals, and evolving regulations are hastening the shift to green energy in domestic, commercial, and industrial heating. Hydronic heat pumps are playing a central role in this sustainability-driven journey for heating systems. Danfoss is your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive solution. From heat source to distribution, we provide an extensive portfolio, application expertise, and market-leading simulation and testing capabilities. We support OEMs in systems’ design and co-design, across various regions and applications, and we help installers ensure proper installation and hydronic balancing, optimizing energy efficiency and cost savings.

Features and benefits

Accelerated time to market with 97% accurate simulation results and lab-testing

Simplified manufacturing through integrated modular systems

Diverse compressor technology portfolio for various heat pump types, from domestic to large high temperature systems

Comprehensive cooling and heating solutions, from heat source to hydronic distribution

AI-based Leanheat services for optimized performance and reduced energy costs

Expert heat pump team for specification, simulation, and testing

Strong local and global presence and support

Start your design with the right compressor for Air Conditioning and Heating

Solutions for residential and commercial hydronic heat pumps:

Residential heating: Greener heating for houses, from source to distribution

Our comprehensive R290 offering accounts for more than half of the bill of materials (BOM) value for a typical A/W residential heat pump—from the rotary and drive compressor package to the gas detector, heat exchanger and the universal controller—streamlining design processes, reducing sourcing complexity, and accelerating time to market. When integrated with our hydronic portfolio, we provide the most efficient heating architecture, enabling homeowners to manage  energy consumption and costs effectively. Enhancing the energy efficiency of single-family homes is a crucial step toward decarbonization.

Apartments drawing

Multi-family housing heating: Green and energy-efficient space heat and sanitary hot water with R290 solutions

Ensure year-round efficiency with our comprehensive R290 offering, encompassing compressors, heat exchangers, electronic controllers, valves, controls, gas detectors, and sensors. Attain lower supply temperatures and enhanced efficiency through our variable speed compressor paired with a brand-new HVAC drive, capable of delivering water temperatures up to 80 °C. When integrated with our hydronic portfolio, eliminate pressure and flow deviations to achieve effective performance in both full- and part-load conditions. Enable lower supply and return temperatures for a sustainable heating solution.

NAM Commercial heating

Office building heating: Sustainable system design with climate-friendly cooling and heating portfolio

The multi-refrigerant component portfolio, encompassing compressors, heat exchangers, valves, controls, gas detectors, and sensors for R454B/R32, offers ultimate flexibility for heating only and reversible system design and competitive applied costs. The PSH scroll compressor, featuring innovative liquid and vapor injection technology dedicated to air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps in cold climate, enables heating water up to 150°F at ambient temperatures as low as -5°F. When paired with our hydronic portfolio, it enhances overall building performance with a sustainable heating architecture.

Solutions for commercial and industrial heat pumps:

Up to 100°C water temperature, with low-GWP HFC, HFO, and natural refrigerants

The SuPrHeat Project: Above 100°C water temperature

SuPrHeat—Sustainable process heating with high-temperature heat pumps using natural refrigerants is an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research, development, and demonstration project with 16 partners from Denmark, Germany, UK and Sweden.

Achievement: A 500 kW HTHP operational at DTI, built on the following specifications: 

  • A pentane/butane cascade system, capable of achieving a maximum condensing temperature of 150°C
  • The system integrates Danfoss industrial refrigeration components and BOCK® compressors featuring cylinder cooling and special oil
  • Project partners plate heat exchangers and controllers
  • The project is containerized, eliminating ATEX zone requirements

If you are interested in co-development projects or for an introduction to our solutions, get in touch.

Learn more at: About the Project


Specifications, standards, simulations, and testing capabilities: An unmatched combination of expertise and tools

Application Development Centers

The Danfoss global Application Development Centers (ADCs) offer you expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities for your business. Partner with our experts to develop and improve your HVAC-R systems at our facilities located in Denmark, India, China, and the United States.

The A3S service—Advanced System Simulation Services

  • Accelerate time to market: reduce development time and lab testing
  • Save on development costs: save on resources—people and lab capacity
  • Optimize systems: capacity, efficiency and refrigerant charge with a multi-component approach
  • Secure investment: check component selection operating maps
Virtual system solutions

Virtual system solutions

Our tools and virtual system solutions using Modeling & Simulation, Data Analytics, Digital Twins, and Software Development support our customers in making the right choices when it comes to system designs. 

Case stories

Discover cases and insights

Policies and regulations impacting the heat pumps design and their implementation

Refrigerants and energy efficiency

Refrigerants and energy efficiency

We know refrigerants and how to make energy-efficient systems. Visit our hub to stay up-to-date on regulations and trends, download our white paper or our low-GWP ebook, get your questions answered with our useful FAQs, and learn with our training courses and videos.

From heat pumps to district heating, read our expert paper

From heat pumps to district heating, read our expert paper

Bridging the demand and supply side of energy, this paper summarizes the main avenues towards decarbonization with a view to supporting the EU’s and global energy and climate goals.


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