Semi-hermetic low-GWP compressors: HG LG-series

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BOCK® LG Compressors: Leading Sustainable Cooling Innovation

Danfoss BOCK®'s LG compressor range, designed for low-GWP HFO refrigerants, offers a comprehensive solution for sustainable cooling. With seven model sizes and 25 capacity stages, these compressors ensure reliable and efficient operation, meeting global regulations and the need for eco-friendly refrigerants.

Extensive long-term tests confirm the necessity of specialized compressor technology for HFO refrigerants, reaffirming Danfoss BOCK®'s decades of expertise in creating robust and durable systems for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

Features and benefits of low-GWP compressors

For low and medium temperature, air-conditioning, heat pumps

Wide refrigerant compatibility: compatible with all synthetic refrigerants, including low-GWP HFO fluids, offering flexibility and sustainability

Global regulation compliance: meets F-Gas Regulation and Kigali Amendment requirements, aligning with the global phase-down of F-Gases

Specialized technology: developed through extensive long-term testing, ensuring safe and reliable operation with HFO refrigerants

Robust design: built for durability, reliability, and longevity, reflecting Danfoss BOCK®'s decades of experience

Comprehensive range: seven model sizes and 25 capacity stages provide a complete solution surpassing standard series features

LG Compressors for HFO refrigerants

BOCK®'s LG compressors are specially designed for HFO refrigerants, offering enhanced reliability and robustness.

They provide versatile solutions, ensuring a sustainable cooling future and compliance with global F-Gas regulations.

BOCK® HA-LG compressors for reliable low-temperature cooling

  • Low-GWP cooling: HA-LG compressors offer a sustainable, low-GWP version for deep cooling needs
  • Direct-intake design: these compressors feature a direct-intake system and air-cooled motor for efficient operation
  • Enhanced performance: combining BOCK®'s innovative development principles results in increased performance and application range.

More about Refrigerants with low GWP?

Sustainable solutions are in the best interest of all stakeholders in our industry.

Today, when talking about refrigerants and long-term sustainability, Danfoss considers three main parameters that must be aligned to accomplish a sustainable balance: affordability, safety, and environment.

We invest in developing compressors that use low-GWP refrigerants to continue driving innovation in the synthetic refrigerant sector. 

Learn more about how we work with low-GWP refrigerants. 


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Compressor selection tools - VAP

The VAP tool is ideal for finding the appropriate compressors or units for stationary applications. By inputting the required refrigerating capacity and operating conditions, the tool will display compatible components right away. In the VAP tools you will also find additional details about the suggested compressors.

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