Refrigerants for lowering the GWP

Sustainable solutions are in the best interests of all stakeholders in our industry. Sustainability safeguards long-term investments and ensures compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Today, when talking about refrigerants and long-term sustainability, Danfoss considers three main parameters that must be aligned to accomplish a real sustainable balance: affordability, safety, and environment.

In a future where GWP values are decreasing due to phase downs and energy efficiency demands (MEPS) are increasing, HVAC-R professionals will focus on using components which allow for the lowest possible charge and technologies with the best cost/performance for a given refrigerant type.

Low-GWP Refrigerants in Focus

Danfoss is committed to deliver low-GWP solutions and our portfolio is continuously being updated, covering both natural and synthetic, to fulfil customers’ needs for practical and safe solutions without compromising energy efficiency.