Danfoss refrigerant transition center

A page dedicated to cool training, games, and tools

The Refrigerant Transition Center collects tools designed to help HVAC-R professionals and decision makers understand the new regulations and convert to alternative refrigerants. These tools are grouped into two categories:

  • CoolSchool to increase refrigerant knowledge and discover solutions that help adapt to the 4th refrigerant transition: webinars, videos, infographics, articles, quizzes/games
  • CoolTools to make the 4th refrigerant transition smooth and easy: low GWP brochure, retrofit guideline, Coolselector®, etc.​​
Danfoss solutions for low-GWP refrigerants - Bringing the refrigerant transition down to earth

A wide portfolio for lower GWP refrigerants

Our portfolio for low-GWP refrigerants is continuously expanding. Take a deep dive in this brochure and contact Danfoss for more information.