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Accelerate the refrigerant transition and turn down climate impact

This page is packed with helpful tools and information that help you navigate the shift to more sustainable refrigerants. Our CoolSchool helps you learn all you need to know about new refrigerants and the regulations around them with whitepaper, videos, and on-demand webinars; and our CoolTools enable you to put your knowledge into practice. You can also register for updates to get exclusive access to Refrigerant Week 2019 events.

What is Refrigerant Week? Once per year, we host an event dedicated to sharing information and resources that aid in the transition to new refrigerants.

Save the date now for our 3rd Annual Refrigerant Week, taking place September 16-20

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Watch Refrigerant trends and challenges video

Refrigerants from a Danfoss perspective

Get the keys to understanding the refrigerant regulations and trends in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Refrigerant trends and challenges (part 1)
Refrigerant trends and challenges (part 2)

Resources for the refrigerant transition

Danfoss solutions for low-GWP refrigerants - Bringing the refrigerant transition down to earth

A wide portfolio for lower GWP refrigerants

Our portfolio for low-GWP refrigerants is continuously expanding. Take a deep dive in this brochure and contact Danfoss for more information.