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Safe, reliable and competitive offshore vessel solutions

Increasingly more sophisticated and competitive offshore vessels serve offshore industries such as wind energy, oil and gas production, seismic exploration, and fishery. From cable and pipe layers to oil rigs, jack-up rigs, offshore platform supply vessels and subsea vehicles, offshore vessels are equipped with complex systems where all functionalities are integrated via an AC and/or DC bus. Therefore, when optimizing performance and efficiency, it is not enough to consider individual components only. We help you to assess the total impact and make informed choices on that basis.

In every corner of the ship, from the engine room to the ventilation system, from the cargo deck to the accommodation quarters, we consider the big picture. Then we can give concrete advice on the specific motor controls to optimize performance of the propulsion thruster, pump, winch, compressor or fan. No matter what the application, Danfoss can help you improve efficiency, safety and reliability for offshore vessels.

Clean cost-effective propulsion

The marine and offshore industry is always looking for ways to reduce consumption of diesel oil and minimize emissions. A move from diesel and diesel-electric propulsion towards using cleaner fuels like liquefied natural gas (LNG) is already in place. The future will be a move towards the operation of fully electric vessels. In the meantime, shipyard and vessel owners are investing more and more in marine hybrid systems to increase flexibility in design and installation, optimize operational performance and minimize environmental impact. Currently, all vessel types from small shuttles to huge flight carriers can utilize hybridization technology for a more efficient and cleaner performance. Danfoss offers solutions which improve performance and reduce cost for all forms of vessel propulsion, traditional and new.

Improve performance with hybrid battery energy storage

Offshore vessels run increasingly on hybrid power. A typical example is a fully electric powered propulsion using electric azimuth thrusters and tunnel thrusters. The power is generated by variable speed gen-sets. This topology is often used for both ferries and offshore vessels. The additional hybrid energy storage system offers peak shaving and facilitates smaller and more efficient gen-sets. This type of hybridization technology is well-suited to LNG powered vessels.

Learn more about Danfoss hybridization solutions


Integrated electric propulsion for new and converted marine vessels. We work with vessel owners, operators and shipyards to deliver custom hybrid and electric powertrain systems around the world. In a revolutionary approach for smaller vessels, we offer a DC-grid hybrid propulsion solution that is highly flexible and easy to manage. Danfoss systems are capable of meeting impressive weight, size and fuel consumption targets, allowing marine owners and operators to benefit from lower costs and longer lifetimes without compromising on customer experience.

Learn more about Danfoss electrification solutions

Read on to discover how Danfoss helps you in a wide range of offshore applications.


Train at our Marine Competence Center

Located in Holmestrand, Norway, our Marine Competence Center provides the best possible solutions for our customers and partners. We also offer training in marine with our extensive application knowledge from the industry.

On deck

Thrusters and propulsion

Power generation

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Auxiliary system


Coastal base

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    Crane and material handling

    Cranes and other large handling machines are required to operate within very specific load ranges. Danfoss provides pressure transmitters that supply load limiting systems with crucial data, safeguarding your equipment, your load, and your operator.

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    Drives for industrial crane and hoist movement

    To optimize crane performance, Danfoss offers flexible control strategies combined with energy efficiency, operating within stringent safety requirements.

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    Drives for marine power conversion and generation

    Draw upon expertise from Danfoss to optimize energy storage solutions using drives for power conversion both on board vessels, and in shore power supply for quieter and cleaner harbors.

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    Drives for marine winches and cranes

    By running winches and cranes on an electric motor you can achieve energy savings, low noise operation and no risk of hydraulic oil overheating or leaks.

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    Industrial DC backup ensures no more voltage dips

    Achieve maximum uptime even during grid disturbances. Flexible targeted battery-based industrial DC backup solutions direct power supply to the most critical loads.

    These solutions support a combination of different energy storages to ensure a stable power supply when the national grid is unreliable, and ensure continuous running or controlled ramp down when required.