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Ships of all sizes need a skillful captain to maneuver them into port, where space is often tight and the weather can be unpredictable. They rely on thrusters on the vessel sides to help them. For strong thruster performance, Danfoss has developed a range of propel systems and intelligent controls. Today, fast and efficient docking is a much easier job.

With a turning capability of 360°, thrusters can push a ship in any direction. Maneuverability is particularly powerful when multiple thrusters are installed.

Using our advanced electrohydraulic components and controls, it’s possible to enhance thruster performance with variable propel speed and even variable blade control. The proportional PVG valves and H1 hydrostatics deliver thruster power in an integrated system that can be linked by CAN bus with other control systems on board. That’s a big advantage – particularly when hydraulic components are located in different parts of the ship.

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    DM430E series

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    DP700 series

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  • DP600TM series
    DP600TM series

    DP600TM, DP610TM with 6.5” TFT color rugged displays (both in- and out-of-cab usage). User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE Classic Screen Editor (CSE) for fast display development.

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    Winches are used for a range of applications all over the world. Danfoss hydraulics deliver smooth, safe control.

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    Connected solutions

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Case studies

  • Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan
    Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan

    Replacing diesel with electricity - an efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing ferry emissions.

  • Sailing the electric revolution
    Sailing the electric revolution

    As part of a global plan designed to better support Gothenburg’s growing commuter infrastructure, Sweden’s second-largest public transportation company Västtrafik launched an initiative to help alleviate the emissions.

  • From generic to specific in functional safety
    From generic to specific in functional safety

    Increased safety demands are an ongoing challenge in the mobile machinery market, and OEMs are working hard to comply without compromising machine performance.

  • Mobile solutions for marine applications
    Mobile solutions for marine applications

    With Danfoss marine solutions, you can rule the waves.

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