R22 phase down

The Montreal protocol is covering the phase-out of HCFC refrigerants of which R22 is the most important. In Europe the phase out of R22 has already been accomplished while the US will stop using R22 in 2020. In developing countries the phase out hast staretd in 2015 and will be finished in 2030.

In meeting the deadlines customers can pursue new-build or retrofit strategies to cater for introduction of R22 substitutes.

Danfoss recommends "new-build" for R22 substitutes as the most economic and environmentally friendly solution in the long run.

R22 phase out general recommendations

Generally Danfoss recommends replacing the R22 systems with new ones, via alternative refrigerants.

Main arguments to build new systems are:

  • Higher reliability of new systems
  • Higher efficiency / energy savings
  • Lower service costs / warranty on system
  • Reduced carbon footprint

However, if you have to use drop-in replacements of R22, here you can find few recommendations on what you can do. Though, Danfoss takes no liability in case of malfunction of the systems with drop-in refrigerants.

Achieving R22-free operation

In meeting the compliance deadlines, operators can pursue new-build or re-trofit strategies to cater for introduction of R22 substitutes. 
Danfoss recommends investment in new plant purpose-built for R22 substitutes as the most economic and environmentally friendly solution in the long term. 
Alternatively, existing plant can be retrofitted with hermetic compressors and controls to run on R22 substitutes, following a series of modifications and checks to ensure system reliability:

Compliance options for R22 phase-out

Worldwide R22 Countdown

The Montreal agreement has triggered new discussion of R22 substitutes. This technical paper gives an overview on the composition and properties of the existing refrigerants, including R22 substitutes.

Worldwide R22 countdown (pdf)

R22 Phase Out Legislation

Read more about the R22 phase out in different regions in Danfoss whitepaper

Download the whitepaper (PDF)

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